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  • My age:
  • 31
  • Sexual orientation:
  • I prefer male
  • Languages:
  • English
  • My favourite drink:
  • Vodka
  • Other hobbies:
  • I like looking after pets


Still here? OK, I don't have heaps and heaps of links, but the links I do have are good, and many have links of their own.


Mens Surprise Time for a Change. Consensual Surprise Time for a Change. Forced Mens Surprise. Consensual Mens Surprise What If. Surprise Time for a Change. Forced Punishment. Forced Surprise.

Forced Punishment Revenge. Consensual Forced Surprise. Consensual Surprise. Consensual Time for a Change. Forced Mens Surprise What If. Forced Mens. Forced Mens Time for a Change. Forced Punishment Surprise. Mens Surprise What If. Consensual Forced Mens Time for a Change.

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Consensual Mens. Consensual Mens Surprise.

Mens Punishment Time for a Change. Mens Surprise. Forced Surprise Time for a Change. Consensual Mens Time for a Change. Forced Mens Punishment. Consensual Forced Surprise Time for a Change.

Consensual Self Surprise What If. Surprise What If. Story Tag: Barberette. Your girl is flavored oatmeal now. An afternoon at the beach. Lovely Lisa — The True Story. Fourth Date — Part 2. My Regular Haircut by a Irregular Barberette. No More Tangles. Earn This Part 2.

Earn This Part 1. The Nit Epidemic Chapter 1. A Visit to Vesper 3 Das Zirkus. The Sorority Side Bet. AB Trending Author. Summer of Those neighbor. FizzyC Trending Author.

Welcome to barberette beth

A Company Regulated Haircut. Choices, choices. Post Covid cut.

Crossing borders. Employee Perks.

Beware of your neighbors! Sick and tired. The countryside. The New Neighbour Pt 2. Nikki M Trending Author. The New Neighbour Pt 1. Welcome to Beta Zeta Zeta. Earning My Stripes.

Explore your desires. Christel speelt Marleen. From Dandy to Daddy. Bye Bye Blond Baby Curls.

Barberette beauties

Are you next, miss? Choose a Cinephile Boyfriend, Choose a Buzzcut. Spring Cleaning. Julian Looks Like Himself Again.

Image result for barberette shaving head vintage kleider kleider frau

A Birthday Present from My Fiance. Trust Me — part 2. Buzzcuts for Three. The Last Thing I Expected. A Friend Like Soraya: Part 4. Swing, Charlie, Swing. Tropical Honeymoon Clippercut. A Vacation Hair Adventure. The Barberette Emporium: After Hours. The Barberette Emporium 3. The Barberette Emporium 2.

The blonde buzz is gone!

Something Different. Summer Haircuts. Free Haircuts Girls Only. En Guarde; Based very loosely on a true story. The Other Side.

Vampber — Opening. Short Payback and Sides. A Happy Chance and Mistake. The Barber Beauty.

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Let me help you shine!


The footrest creaked ever so slightly, as the young man lifted himself off to regain his natural stature.


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