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It is unbelievable to explain a mind-blowing experience in my marital life! This was the statement that subconsciously came out from my mouth when an Aljazera correspondent interviewed me last year. Come to think of it, I wonder how some people seem to have issues in their marriage. Many have given different excuses for acting in a particular manner in displaying their marital responsibility towards their spouse. Can this be as a result of their background? Some think marriage is just leaving together, while some think is just for satisfaction of sexual desire.


Her line begins with a clear indication that she needs help. Reading herI felt a strong pull to write about the issue of how husbands can make their wives feel worthless, and what women and men can do to change. The obvious reasons couples may end a relationship are physical abuse, violence, cheating, lying, or stealing. If it goes unresolved, unaddressed — it will end your marriage. While the data is pretty clear — men who are married are happier and healthier than unmarried men — the data is also clear that unhappy marriages negatively impact women without a doubt.

Not feeling valued, and cared about in a marriage, inevitably le to more ificant issues and even divorce ; therefore fixing this issue is very important for your marriage and your health. Some less obvious ways a partner hurts their wives are; speaking down to her, neglecting her feelings, not listening, defending himself at every turn without trying to understand, putting her down, not making the marriage a priority, using abusive language, gaslighting, and manipulationand of course, there are other ways a husband can make his wife not feel her value.

My husband makes me feel worthless

As you read this list, take note that even good husbands sometimes make these mistakes that make wives feel worthless. As you read, be sure to note that what matters most, is how something makes you feel. Repeated studies have shown that through words alone we can build someone up or through words, we can break someone down and hurt their spirit.

As a wife, many of these phrases are terrible to hear. In some cases, some of these words could be heard among healthy couples, but what matters is how you feel when you hear these things.

My wife is an ungrateful lazy bitch

There are better ways for your partner to speak to you. Regardless of the health of your marriage, if you hear these phrases and they hurt you, you have the right to ask to be spoken with respect. Actions that make you feel worthless can be hard to catch. The commenter makes a great point. What our partner does and says to us, impacts us. One of the best ways to create a behavior change is to call out the issue and request an alternative.

You have a right to put a name to the issue and to request a change. These online marriage counseling programs on the website are an excellent way for any couple to resolve this issue, even if they live out of the country or have busy schedules. Reading to comments has been interesting.

Lots of unhappiness. Patrick brought up something that I think about often when I feel disrespected by my husband. Am I being worthless? Thank you everyone for sharing.

Yes I feel disrespected quite a bit the past few years and in turn I have been disrespectful. It would really help if he would talk to me. I have a bit of a unusual situation. For the first 6 years or so of my 12 year relationship I was a heavy drug user and I treated my husband very badly.

He stuck by my side with unwaivering loyalty when even my own parents did not. He means the world to me and I know that I do to him as well. Can anyone offer me any advice as far as how to rectify this situation? I guess I should say any advice as to a different approach then trying to tell him I love him?

I spent a few years in school learning about psychology and, at the risk of sounding totally arrogant another constant accusation I often hear I understand allot about it. I understand that most likely. I am not going to give up on us!

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How could I when he never gave up on me at my very worst?!? I came across this blog in hopes to find help on how I can help my wife. I really feel bad for all you ladies. You need to be treated well. I often cook and do the dishes and help he clean the house. I do all the landscaping, I cook breakfast for her every morning with a cappuccino before I leave for work.

But some where I must be missing something. I must be clueless. Can anyone give me advice on how to make my wife feel respected a d appreciated. I have a hearing problem and attention deficit problem, but I thought should could understand that.

12 things husbands do when they're secretly annoyed at their wives

I am wide open to suggestions. Then take that time consider what she has said. Consider things from her point of view and then later if you want to say something for example if she says you never cook dinner, yet you cook dinner twice a week.

If you want to of course. I wish he would ask for help in how to listen more.

Ann marie pomphret trial: husband killed wife after 'useless' taunt

Also, ask her what you can do to make her feel heard. If it has to do with your ADHD, maybe you need to have a conversation about what you do that bugs her, but maybe you also need to let her know when you are trying. She may not completely understand your ADHD, but letting her in might make her feel more connected. We are southAsian and arranged married for 7 yrs.

His treatment was so indifferent that I went crazy with a new baby and no single person to. He still snored off his days and never sent kid to school on time. Now we moved abroad, yet he remains the same mental abuse. I walked back home 2 hrs with no wallet or keys. Good time too and kid may suffer. I want him to teach him a lesson.

Today I am taking the next step to get past a toxic relationship. Once I move on, get past it, he does something else degrading, disrespectful and simply wrong. It has gone past the point of him just making me feel worthless, unattractive, stupid, unworthy of him or his attention. I gave him the benefit of a doubt because he was fresh from a divorce where his wife cheated on him, never mentioned it to him and moved on.

Flash forward to now.

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I found he was trolling women on FaceBook and on dating sites, which is no more than porn. Which is clearly a lie. I was kind about it, patient just like you are suppose to be with the one you love.

He was liar, deceitful and most of all it crushed me. I truly thought he and I were at a good place with each other.

We had moved past the childish crap. He went where he always does, uses me as an excuse for his childish and stupid behavior. Then went on to tell me how useless someone else is, she has done so much to help him. Reality, I was the one who done those things for him. Someone else wife always be better than me, look better to him than me, deserve his attention, his sympathy, his kindness, his respect, his praise and his gratitude. But I got up this morning for the first time in two weeks, the weight of that burden is not there anymore.

I am not thinking this relationship will go forward to flourish nor think it will just die out while we move on. No more tears on my part, no begging, no more taking whatever he is willing to give. It takes two people giving and taking in any relationship to make it grow, to make it thrive.

The only person you are responsible for in it, is you. Today forward, I am working on me, only me and lets see what he does. See yourself clearly, not as they want you too. Find something good about yourself and hold on to it. My husband was asked not to perform a sex act anymore.

He did it two days later.

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I am not perfect okay, but I know how to treat and help my family.


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A man told his murder trial he bludgeoned his wife to death after she called him "limp and useless" over his erectile dysfunction during a row.