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While Game of Thrones prides itself on having multi-faceted characters that don't necessarily fall under one category of "good" or "bad," some characters could very easily be placed in one extreme more than the other. Ramsay Bolton, played by the incredibly talented Iwan Rheon, is one of those characters. He is a character that almost perfectly represents pure evil making him one of the shows most terrifying and compelling characters to watch.


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In what has to be one of the rudest awakenings in recent Game of Thrones memory, we're reminded that Ramsay Bolton nee Snow does in fact have sex with ladies. In fact, Ramsay Bolton has sex with a lady named Myrandawho may have slipped your mind since we last saw her.

But Myranda isn't a random character generated for more complications this season, she's actually been around since back in Season 3 and she's been warming Ramsay's bed since way back when. What a joyous existence for her.

No wonder she's so warm and friendly, sending Sansa off to find Theon aka Reek in the pens where they keep the dogs. Chipper gal, that Myranda. Of course, as she says to Theon, she's a bit jealous of Sansa since she assumed that she'd be marrying Ramsay, you know before the whole reverse bastard move by Roose Bolton.

Unfortunately, that's not what turns her so bad. Back in Season 3, Myranda was one of the two women who seduced Theon only to have Ramsay come in with a knife and get to, well, snip snip. You remember.

We don't need to talk about it again. Makes it pretty cruel that she's also the one who sent Sansa to see Reek for the first time.

Angry twist of the knife. Myranda was also with Ramsay when that poor girl was being chased through the forest by hounds.

She's generally a pretty nasty person. But this episode, we see that it may just be a survival technique, which casts a whole new pall of sadness over her and an extreme layer of evil to Ramsay. When they're in his bedroom together, Ramsay says that Myranda knows what happens to people who bore him as a response to her jealousy i.

It re as a threat, and one of physical harm quite possibly — we've seen what Ramsay does to people when he gets bored with them, so I'd be careful to make sure I was on his wavelength too if I was some poor girl in the realm of Bolton. Still, that doesn't mean we have to like her.

She's got her reasons, but she's still a mean, cold soul. By Kelsea Stahler. Image: HBO. See All Health Relationships Self.

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Ramsay is angry after hearing that his stepmother is pregnant].