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The first episode of the new season will pair four survivalists — two men and two women — into two teams for a Battle of the Sexes. By now, everyone knows the formula for Naked and Afraid. Two survivalists — a man and a woman — are stripped of all their clothes and dropped into a punishing location. There, they must brave the elements and survive for 21 days. They hunt for food, find fresh water, build shelters and try to work together as a team. As the show enters season 10, contestants generally know exactly what to expect out of their adventure.


Do participants have sex on naked and afraid?

For most, it's a chance to test their survival skills, even if they are forced to remove all of their clothing before being plopped in the middle of a humid forest. Yes, it has come to this, but deep down, aren't we all just middle-schoolers curious about the most immature parts of a Discovery Channel show?

Sure, Jan. For them, the idea of sex wasn't really an issue. So there were no hookups involving me. I refuse to believe none of the NakedAndAfraid participants ever hookup while spooning at night.

There have been pairs in the past who seemed like they might want to hook up, which is more than likely more possible if there weren't cameras on them every step of the way. Like Leah and Wes from a Season 9 episode, who had an instant attraction to each other. Naked and Afraid doesn't advertise prize money for those who stick out their 21 days in a remote location with only their survival skills to help them live. We love surprises.

She ran on gravel to prepare for show

NakedandAfraid SharkWeek pic. One of the selling points of Naked and Afraid for casting is that not only are people left to fend for themselves in an unknown location, but they are also paired with a complete stranger.

For now at least, you can apply to be on Naked and Afraid alone with the understanding that, should you be cast, you will work with a stranger to survive 21 days in the wilderness. With no real prize money at the end of the grueling few weeks, it's hard to imagine the value in it, but somehow, each season is full of participants ready to prove themselves. Distractify is a registered trademark.

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Maryville's Sara Burkett took her experiences from camping in East Tennessee with her when she participated on an episode of "Naked and Afraid.


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The concept is straightforward and provides for plenty of emotional drama that draws fan chatter.