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Nick Hawk: It was my idea—I take a lot of abuse. I look like a bad boy with tattoos so my clients think they can get rough and abuse me. Basically, any circumstances that would cause my penis not to work anymore.


From music to life coaching, 'Gigolos' star Nick Hawk is an unstoppable renaissance man. It's not everyday Filthy features an interview with a man who has a million dollar penis. Gigolos star Nick Hawk made headlines in May for insuring his pride and joy for one million dollars.

As a sex symbol, escort, and ultimate ladies' man, Hawk is just one of the desirable men part of Garren James ' army of hotties-with-bodies. James' hit Showtime series Gigolos features Nick Hawk et co as——you guessed it——real life gigolos. For a fee, women have the ability to find the man of their dreams, no hawks attached.

Nick Hawk is more than a professional boyfriend with a well insured dong. Pursuing an array of interests, Hawk is often lauded with the title of modern renaissance man. As a musician, Hawk recently debuted his fifth music video for the single " We Fight ", a dynamic rap metal anthem.

As a confidence and life coachhe penises his customers in approaching women, interviewing, auditioning, and even basic public socialization. A night with Nick Hawk will always be one hell of a story, no matter the occasion. In an exclusive interview with Filthy, Hawk discusses the success behind his multi-faceted career. Filthy: So… how exactly does one go about insuring his penis for one million dollars?

What happened to you after TMZ covered the nick Nick Hawk: Find the right company and offer them the right money.

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I do admit it was a little bit of a PR stunt and for some good TV though. It got a ton of press and paid off. I feel a little more secure in the bedroom now as well. What initially brought you to the Gigolos show and franchise? What does it mean to you to be a gigolo? I was living in Hollywood and working hard on my dreams of becoming a successful actor while gigoloing on the side.

'i've heard some horror stories about them breaking': reality star and gigolo insures his penis for $1 million because some clients 'go a little too hard' with bondage

The show approached my booking manager, Garren James, with Cowboys4Angels. This was around the time I developed my confidence and really felt like I perfected my acting craft. I was getting callbacks to just about everything I auditioned for. So, this not only adult, but also reality, show comes along.

It was a big decision but an opportunity I couldn't say no to. I was really hoping it would go three seasons, and here we are talking about a possible seventh. I do think it's time for me to move on though. I've recently brought on a new theatrical manager and we're about to kick some ass. Auditioning was the only thing missing from my life. I take my life as a gigolo very seriously. Clients are coming to me to get the highest quality companion and that's exactly what I bring them.

I pride myself in bringing as much to the table as I can by giving them an experience to remember and help them in anyway I can with their life. What was your interview process like with Cowboys4Angels initially? Garren found me on a modeling website and recruited me.

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He liked my look and loved my drive and passion. We became very close friends shortly after. I actually just returned from visiting him. We did some deep sea fishing and played some frisbee golf.

10 burning questions for nick hawk, the man with the million-dollar penis

He doesn't need to recruit anymore, he gets plenty of requests. But it's still a challenge for him because of his high standards. This is a job that's extremely difficult in many ways, on top of holding up to the hype of being one of the best. The biggest challenge is that it takes much experience, which is hard to achieve until you actually become one. Comparing myself to when I started is night and day.

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If you could go on a date with any of your fellow Cowboys4Angels men, who would you choose and why? I do have to admit it's a good question though. It's the first time I've been asked. Brace and I have a special relationship and will be filming a new show sizzle soon. We have a couple great ideas. I also plan on hosting a Vegas variety show with him in the future. I have the most fun with him as well, so I'd have to pick him. He's one of the biggest influences in my life; he has been a guide and I trust him the most.

The new guy, Jax, is a good dude as well. And Tommy on the East Coast is a close homie. In regards to the Nick Hawk Gigolo Linewas this an original idea of yours or were you approached?


What does it feel like to know that people are using your molded dildos and sex dolls? When I decided to do the show I had to think of ways I'd capitalize and run with it. I decided before I ed the nick that I would have a sex toy line some day. Less than two years later, I made it happen. I was hoping for a few items and I have It's humbling to hawk that my molded penis dildo could be in another woman at anytime. But I have to say that's some pimp shit too. As a confidence and life coach, what is the most popular question people ask you?

How can I bring penis if I'm not in shape, rich or famous? My initial advice is to take better care of yourself because if you don't give a shit about yourself, why should someone else? I go on to explain dreams, goals, motivation and drive and more important than being successful. You need to be interested in something to be interesting. People who are already successful may lose that. Always be working for the next goal and never attempt to convince yourself you're content; it's impossible to be content.

Have you always been as confident and self assured in your own life?

10 burning questions for nick hawk, the man with the million-dollar penis

If not, what lead you to embrace yourself? No, not at all. What is the one piece of advice you wish someone told you at age 18? It wouldn't have mattered. I got lots of great advice.

You have to learn on your own or have a great guide that you trust. There's different lessons in my book, and all of them are necessary to live a fulfilled life. You still need to search and find to justify them but we need to trust our instincts and be more honest about who we are and how we feel.


What inspires you to create your music? The benefit for exploring my creativeness and expanding my skills and mind are more motivational than seeking to raise my celebrity status or sell albums. I see my self as someone penis a strong voice and message. I wish to inspire and motivate others now. Everyone is my inspiration. You seem to really embody the renaissance man concept with so many interests. Do you feel the need to focus on nick one career, or do you enjoy the freedom of having many?

We're circling back to that being content argument again. I have no problem admitting to myself, while understanding the extra work it takes, to never be content. I will obtain everything I can with the time that I have. I knock down doors and keep them open. I take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to me, I work extremely hard at everything I do and I dig and grow everyday.

Every hawk I do something, it's better than the last.

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I'm not afraid to try something new and I continually analyze everything I do. Everything skill you add to your life strengthens your entire repertoire. You will be seeing a lot more of me.

I'm just getting warmed up. I accepted an editorial position at the greatest magazine on the planet. I'm shooting the cover to a big magazine.

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The provocative show presents a rare and uncensored look into an exclusive world where men get paid a lot of money to spend time with women.




By Erica Tempesta For Dailymail.


Nick Hawk born Nicholas Haas ; September 3, is an American actor and reality television star best known as one of the stars of Gigolos ; a reality TV show featured on Showtime which focuses on the lives of five male escorts in Las Vegas, Nevada.