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We were on the first floor of an inconspicuous two-story house on Vassar Street with an in-ground pool, hot tub and sauna in the basement right below us. This house serves as the main meeting place for Naturist Rochester. Hauver first started exploring nudist lifestyle in the early s.


Hip Forums. Winter nudism? How do you nudists on here cope with the cold winters. I've heard that if you were to like say wear a beanie or any other sort of hat then that helps to keep the rest of your body warm. Sounds strange yeah?

The four seasons of naturism: winter

NatureDudeApr 6, Winter here is about 65 degrees and sunny. Well, outdoor nudism is a bit limited in my place, since temperatures can reach below freezing level I do my morning ritual, having a smoke and a coffee skyclad on my balcony.

Indoor naturism knows no season boundaries, as I live naked all the time in my apartment And then there's places like indoor pools, either having nudist hours, or even wellness places with saunas, steam baths, Thai massage, Ayurveda treatment, Hamam massage, warm salt water pools which are full-time nudist - only asking for people to cover up in the restaurant place I am planning to visit that place this Easter, since the weather is a bit too chilly for outdoor nudism, too Their web site is in German, only, but the general info re: "Bitte beachten Sie, Yeah, I'll oblige willingly Saunas are my way of coping in winter.

NatureDudeApr 11, I'd be a nudist if I didn't live in below 0 temps 6 months out of the year! FlowerMamaApr 11, Most of us just don't bother.

Aside from Saunas and steam rooms if your have access to them and may be the odd organised swim in an indoor pool you basically can't. I know you can spend time in the buff in your heated abode but to be honest that is merely being naked indoors in probably artificial light; in my book that isn't naturism it's just saving wear and tear on your clothes at the expense of your heating bill. Relaxing nude in a sunny conservatory when it's too cold for outside but comfortable in the conservatory is even pushing the bounds of true naturism; I do that sometimes but it's definitely second best.

As for those hardy individuals who frolic nude in the snow, jump into freezing lakes well if you enjoy it fair enough. Roll on warm summer days!!!! ChinaCatSunflower67Apr 13, There are so many ways to stay naked outdoors in chilly or cold weather! Sunny calm days are great.

Even if temperatures are close to freezing, you can go outside for a while.

Indoor activities

You probably want to wear some shoes, but you will probably not need much else in those conditions. Play tennis, shoot some baskets, go for a walk. Your body will turn up the heat and you will discover that you really don't need clothes as much as you might think. A sun porch or hothouse on a sunny afternoon helps while you wait for spring.

I sometimes sunbathe in a sheltered sunny part of my back patio.

A nudist guide to winter

I make a little vitamin D and I chase away the cabin fever. GardenGuyApr 13, Conventional wisdom suggets covering up. I think a clearification maybe in order. Nudists enjoy being nude no matter what, naturists enjoy being nude when its practial.

Being outdoors in a cold environmen naaked is just silly. Mr FixitApr 14, GardenGuyApr 14, I enjoy nudity in all seasons. But most nudists are creatures of the sun.

Sometimes it frustrates me that -- even in my favorite 'Clothing Optional' resort -- many people are clothed at night and through the winter. But everyone has to choose for themselves, that's what 'Clothing Optional' is all about. As for me, I prefer to be nude as much as possible, even in winter. I live naked, sleep naked often without covers, as they bother me as much as clothingand simply take reasonable precautions when the weather is truly severe which happens rarely in California.

Winter nudism?

Short periods of time outside in inclement weather are harmless. I've slid down a snowy hill in an inner tube naked during snowfall, for example.

It's fun. It's also nice to get back to someplace warm and have a cup of hot cocoa.

Any activity that can be done clothed can also be done naked. I've seen naked skydivers, and naked deep sea divers. And though neither one of those is my 'cup of tea', it's not because of the nudity or extreme temperatures. Arby ArthurJul 1, NatureDudeJul 8, GardenGuyJul 8, Yeah call me weak but during winter i only cruise round the house naked.

Too cold outdoors. I'm nude at home all year round but I admit I've never really considered being nude outdoors during winter months, I've tried it sometimes of course and it's been enjoyable but I wouldn't think "this is a nice place with no people around, I'm gonna get naked" in winter, like I might in summer.

GardenGuyJul 29, Unclothed when possible, clothed when necessary. Figure it out. That being said, I know a LOT of people who've made nude snow angels. GromitJul 29, Show Ignored Content.

Tips for nudism to practice during the autumn/winter

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