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  • I am 19
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  • Aries
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  • I like tequila


On February 26,he included a video of Jacob Sartorius rapping the alphabet song into his gaming commentary. She is also a BMG model. Born on June 9 Well, let us inform you that the YouTube celebrity with the most of subscribers is not Justin Bieber or Rihanna.


Anthonybirthdate unknown: [age 28] better known online as Birdman also known as OMGitsbirdmanis an American YouTuber known for commentary, reaction and gaming videos.

He started out on YouTube by making call of duty gameplay videos usually showing the gameplay and describing what he did to do well in the game as well as live commentaries of Call of Duty. His gameplay consistently would have a very high kill to death ratio that not even pro players could achieve in newer Call of Duties.

Most of his videos had kills way over and only a few deaths. He started off by making videos where he would spawn trap people on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 which was a tactic in older Call of Duty games where you could pinpoint where the enemies would spawn into the map and kill all of them as they spawn without letting them get out of their spawn zone.

His recurring series starting with Call of Duty Black Ops 2 included "Smackin' Sweaties", in which he would show games of him dominating against "Sweaty" players which are players that try very hard, and "Road To [Insert next prestige rank name here]" where he would show gameplay and talk about his progress in that Call of Duty. Wikitubia Explore.

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Birthday: June 9 ,