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The Overwatch team revealed the first new legendary skin of the event today via a tweet, Lifeguard Pharah.


The Poolside skin for Ashe and B. As has been the case for the last several events, there are eight new skins that Blizzard has released as part of Summer Games Five of them are Legendaries that you can unlock by buying them from the Hero Gallery for 3, credits or by getting lucky with Summer Games loot boxes.

Overwatch’s summer games ashe is “beautiful”

Mei's latest Summer Games skin is an adorable ice cream-inspired get up for her and Snowball. Yes, sold. Give it to me, immediately. PS Snowball is an ice cream cone! So, so cute. There's something a little fishy with Symmetra's latest Overwatch Summer Games skin.

Roller derby d. va by melody_rain

Fitting in with the quasi-aquatic theme of several of the new skins, this is a tremendous look. Look at B. Look at him! Even with an inflatable flamingo pool toy on his head, he manages to be completely adorable and a stone-cold badass at the same time. Such is the way of the Big Omnic Butler.

Meanwhile, Ashe herself seems to have taken a few fashion tips from Cabana Ana for this skin. She has a relaxed summer look with a bikini and sarong, as well as a large hat for protection from the sun. Sigma is looking real buff in his scuba-inspired Overwatch Summer Games skin.

It turns out the Dutch astrophysicist has got abs to spare. Sigma is swole, as evidenced by his Summer Games scuba diver look.

Lifeguard pharah and surf’s up echo

The mine tweak for the Hyper Spheres is a nice touch too. Don't try to test Orisa when she's wearing her Overwatch Summer Games referee skin.

Blizzard is sticking with the format of skin challenges from recent events. If you miss out, you might never get another chance to snag these. Winning a game counts for double.

There are also sprays and player icons that you can earn after playing 18 and 9 games respectively each week. This is a decent look for Winston. I love the crown-style headpiece but not a whole lot else jumps out at me. Pharah's latest Cummer Games skin is all yours if you play enough 'Overwatch. Hanzo's goinging the Summer Games party again this year with another 'Overwatch' skin.

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Skins from Summer Games events will cost 1, credits. The Overwatch Summer Games event runs until August 10th. I cover all things Overwatch, including the Overwatch League, for Forbes.

I also currently write about tech, games and entertainment for Engadget. I'm a Scottish expat who lives in Canada with my partner and many, many plants. me tips or just to say hi at kris [at] krisholt. This is a BETA experience.

Surfer: 76 by daniel_say_son

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I'm a Scottish expat … .

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Overwatch fans will be able to enjoy the latest version of Summer Games starting tomorrow, and as always, the event will be bringing some neat new cosmetics for players to collect.


Overwatch fans can enjoy the latest version of Summer Games starting tomorrow, and alongside the return of Lucio Ball, fans can expect some special cosmetics.


Players can unlock eight new skins along with dozens of other cosmetic assets.


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