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  • How old am I:
  • 49
  • Where am I from:
  • I'm egyptian
  • Caters to:
  • Gentleman
  • Hair:
  • I have thick honey-blond hair
  • What is my body features:
  • My body features is strong
  • In my spare time I love:
  • In my spare time I love sports


Pamir Pekin was born on May 31, age 42 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a celebrity actor. Actor who is known best for playing Murat in Iliski Durumu: Karisik in He hasfollowers on his pamirpekin Instagram. He started dating Kubra Kucuk in December He graduated from Marmara University with a degree in economics.


They were sitting in the Nizam. He has many memories of his childhood that he cannot forget. There is no such thing anymore! Nobody leaves their child out.

It will be very classic, but Ada is not an old island. Buyukada fell out of favor as a rent like Many people withdrew their hands and feet from Ada. Around he rose again, businesses resurfaced, but he pulled his skirt. Thus, the profile of Ada also changed.

Surely a small minority is still trying to preserve the texture of the island, but unfortunately it is not enough. My passion for the sea comes instagram there anyway. The turning point in his pekin Shortly after graduating from school, he started working as a model. She first appeared on the screens by playing in commercials of famous brands. At that time, I graduated from school, established a wooden boat workshop and worked as a carpenter, I am so indifferent to the subject.

Frankly, I did not like the acting and the industry at that time, and the series was no longer broadcast after 6 episodes. While I was thinking that I would not do this job again, proposals came from new Pamir one after another.

Pamir pekin about

I can say that I learned this job as I worked with new directors and actors. I watched a lot, thought about it, and now I really enjoy what I do. With which project did he shine? Personality traits: Clumsy, nerdy, nature and sea lover.

I am comfortable in fun situations. I am also distant to people I meet for the first time.

Social: He is not a person who likes to go out at night, so he does not seem to be around. I build wooden boats, I have a small workshop for this. I love spending time and talking with the masters there. I also go for walks in nature. Being in nature gives me peace of mind. I was a type in pursuit of rights and law, and I am trying to take control of this feature of mine gradually.

These are the normal character traits that a person should have, but on the other hand, they are things that take a lot of themselves, beat them up and tire them. Before taking action on these, I think it is necessary to reflect on it and put it into practice. Except for my specific character traits, it exhausts me not to pay attention to what I eat, drink and sleep, but on the other hand, my love for nature and sports balances the situation. Actually, there is an asocial production. Normally, I am not a public speaking person. This has been a problem many times in my school life.

Pamir pekin biography

Since my brain has accepted the situation in front of the camera, even though I do not have a problem with the camera, this situation in a different environment again forces me. I think care and loyalty are essential in a relationship. View of life: He loves to be in the sea and the sea. Everyone talks about the calmness and quietness of sailing, but if you are sailing, you need to calculate many things about the route you will travel, the operation of the boat, and consider many factors at the same time.

For me, sailing and being in the sea is a kind of meditation. A state of escaping from the city, crowd and thoughts.

His Pamir of business life: He loves acting, but thinks to quit after a certain age. Acting is a finite action for me. I will quit after a certain age. Career plan: Apart from acting, he has different interests and jobs. I have many dreams about life. I also want to do theater. Since these works are about rehearsal, I think the instagram I rehearse, the more I will relax myself in this.

He was more ambitious pekin first but no longer has ambitions for acting. If he comes, I will come, if he does not come, I am in his mind. I have a beautiful dream; I will buy a land around Bursa, Iznik, Orhangazi. I will also establish a workshop. This workshop will be close to Istanbul. I will be in my workshop on weekdays and in Istanbul on the weekend. Does he follow fashion? He prefers to wear comfortable clothes and does not like suits. She has a style that reflects her cool and free spirit.

Who is pamir pekin dating?

I definitely need an idea, especially when shopping for shoes and coats. I wear it in sports or classic. How does he keep his shape? I exercise twice a week. I work with my marathon friends. Hobby: He likes dealing with wood. I took the project of an boat and replicated it.

My father is an architect and also a carpenter. He used to build boats. I found out when I got over the incident. I wish I was an architect too. I went into the most unnecessary part of the world and studied econometrics.

About pamir pekin’s girlfriend

Maybe I learned to endure difficulties. Concerns: Very sensitive about environmental issues. For example, it saddens me that the Northern Forests disappear for the sake of rent, that nature is slaughtered only for human individual interests, and that the future of nature, which is the main human need, is not considered. Old leftist new environmentalists. Most leftist parties in Europe have adopted an important mission to not consume natural resources and to pass them on to future generations.

It is no longer enough to call those who exploit nature to the love of rent as ignorant, it does not mean anything. They are not people but devils!

Who does he admire? He likes Brad Pitt very much. The criterion for attractiveness in women: He does not care much about physical features. Relationship with nature: He likes to spend his spare time from work in nature. On the way to the Aegean, I would leave the highway and go through the village ro for hours. Sea and nature are my sine qua non. I was a little at home, I became a house man. What does he do at home? Since he has been separated from his family since the age of 18, he has a good understanding of housework. I can say that my life is based on food.

I cook most dishes. I may not do much as a presentation, but they all break down in terms of taste. How is it with social media? I look at the articles on Twitter.

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Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Pamir Pekin is best known for being a actor.


Pamir Pekin is currently dating Kubra Kucuk.