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It's said on the show that fusion is a tactic intended by Homeworld to be used only in battle. Looking at all the fusions on the show, they all have a common thing, a gem created to fight. The only fusion that could prove me wrong is Fluorite but we still don't know what gems form her.


What would Lapis and Peridot's fusion gem be?

'steven universe' season 4 rumors: peridot to fuse with lapis lazuli?

So I made a list of all possible gems that could become this fusions gem. Let's look at them.

Lapis Lazuli of course! Also, the color does match the color palettes of both Peridot and Lapis if put together.

About the whole battle thing, I think Aquamarine could be a defensive gem like Steven. I couldn't really find much about Turquoise on the website I used but there was something that did come out to me:. Again, this is another gem I didn't see much info as useful as I needed but there was a thing that made me think.

This made me think, since Lapis is apparently apart of Blue Diamonds court, and so is Sapphire, could Lapis have the ability to see the future? Maybe fusing will help unlock her ability to do so. This gemstone had the most information so I saved it for last.

Why a fusion between lapis and peridot will never happen

I would most likely make a separate theory just on Chrysocolla. Let's begin.

It's very essence is devoted to expression, empowerment, and teaching. Finally, it's a stone of forgiveness, peace, and emotional bonds.

Lapis lazuli and peridot will become a permafusion

Looks, just look at all the connections between Chrysocolla and Lapis Lazuli and Peridot. For one, the colors match both Lapis and Peridot's gems, it's found in association with Malachite, forgiveness, peace, emotional bonds, everything is there.

What's not to get?

But now I'm done ranting and I'd love to hear your opinions so please comment down below! Yeah, I believe it will be Chrysocolla.

What could the lapidot fusion's gem be?

I'll be making another theory about Chrysocolla sometime this month or early February. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Here it is, the theory everyone had been wanting for: What would Lapis and Peridot's fusion gem be?

Likes Comments 2. Like Chrysocolla is perfect! Featured post He is very pretty to me.

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Although Peridot has not fused with any Crystal Gems on "Steven Universe," it is said that she may soon do so with Lapis Lazuli in the future episodes of "Steven Universe" season 4.


Click to see full answer Herein, does Peridot ever fuse?


When asked if there will be brand new fusions in the movie, Rebecca got a little bit embarassed and just answered : Watch the movie to get the answer.


When it comes to TV deed for children, Cartoon Network's Steven Universe is one of the most progressive, thoughtful, and generally important shows being made today.