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With the DS wifi servers shutting down, I decided to make a post about how to still get pokegen, pokedit, pokesav, legal, hacked etc pokemon into Pokemon X and Y. Pokegen pokemon are pokemon that are considered legal meaning they ARE hacked but still conform to the rules of the game. They don't have impossible move sets Pikachu with Earthquaketheir ivs and evs don't go over the maximum limit Having Attack Evs and they don't come in impossible pokeballs Charmander in a lureball. Basically, the game considers them real, even though they have perfect IVs and great EV stats. I won't go into too much detail on the technicals. This guide is more for people who already get the gist of how to make pokegen Pokemon and what not.


Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. By DmitirOctober 23, in PokeGen. Pokemon Bank will be out soon, and i'll update the topic upon it's release. Maybe this could be a counter for the time being? Hope this helps anyone, look forward to Pokemon Bank and PokeBuilder's update and things should be okay :creep:. Also, it is not possible to make "legit" Pokemon.

As for the downside of Pokegen being that you can't edit 6th Gen Pokemon As for Pokebuilder, that is a despicable app that charges exorbitant fees for "legit" events they are not legitand extra features. All they did was take other people's work and dump it into an app with a mock GTS server and charge people to unlock more features.

I'm surprised that this app hasn't been removed from Apple's store it has been removed from the Google Play store with how vocal TPC has been against it. Furthermore, I personally think this app is what caused the high of disqualifications due to hacked pokemon in the most recent GBU Wi-fi tournament mostly in part to PokeBuilder telling its users that their pokemon will be considered "legit" no matter what oddball things they put into the editing fields.

Here's a link to an announcement that is plastered all over this forum that details our policy on such matters. You can post now and register later.

Pokemon x and y pokegen and gts after bank

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How to get pokegen pokemon in x & y without wifi

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Dmitir Posted October 23, Posted October 23, Hello Pokemon Project, i'm new here and I am glad to be a part of this community, however, I am not new to PokeGen as a program, just the forum. I'll explain.

So, a 3DS app is being released and is called Pokemon Bank. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Guested Posted October 23, I hate to be the downer, but In this forum, we do not talk about trying to circumvent Nintendo's hack checks.


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Following a delay, Pokemon Bank is now available in the West and YouTube user GameboyLuke is on hand to show you how to use Pokegen trading and hacking with the creature storage system.


Now that the Pokebank is finally live for most Pokemon X and Y players, how are you handling the massive task in transferring all of your favorite Pokemon from generations, into the new game?