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First of all, I agree, second of all, there are 2 sucks who are almost naked, third of all, their reaction looks fake, forth of Pokemon, I don't even understand why Lillie is afraid of pokemons I know why but still don't get itfifth of all, I'm afraid that the island is going to be washed by Tsunami, sixth of all, this is my thought 'why is Ash the ONLY person who gets a chance to be the chosen one from the legendary pokemon or even get to CATCH IT I don't know if he didlast of all, I stopped being pokemon fan and threw all my 3DS in the trash because of the surprise of how CUTE Ash looks why am I saying this The anime that these haters keep confusing art style and animation shows how much they know what they're talking about, lol.

The animation is actually less stiff. You're thinking of the art style. While I agree that Ash didn't look the best, as well as Team Rocket, the other characters weren't that bad. And that's without going into the characters who have more unusual des like Sophocles or Lana, they're fine too Really, it's just Ash, Jessie and James.

Why the pokemon anime sucks comments (2)

And people act like it ruins everything when really, it doesn't make the plot, the story, the animation the actual ANIMATION and not art style or the other character des bad. People keep bashing the animation because they don't like the art style. Art Style and animation are their own separate thing.

There is nothing wrong with the animation, it's a lot more fluid and less stiff than XY Z. I both agree and disagree on that though, the latter because the SM body anatomi is better. Sorry, Alola fanboys, but XY. Ash was not intresting to sit through. Serena was nothing but an annoying wishfulfillment She still is.

Why the pokemon anime sucks

The only good ones are Clemont and Bonnie but even they get shoved to the sidelines for how amazing Ash and Serena are. Even the battles felt flat and have zero suspense in them. Yea the Art was good but the animation was just meh. And the Team flare arc? Edgy for the sake of being Edgy and to show off on how cool they are at everything with zero struggles is not good writing if you ask me.

Even Black and White was better. It was unpredictable, the battles could compare with other animes like one punch, Tokyo ghoul or 7 deadly sins. I'm just very dissapointed overall with that they did my favourite anime, not my favorite anymore and I can't wait till sun and moon ends.

And it's not Sun and Moon's fault. All seasons have fillers As a consequence of replacing the games' storyline with the Pokemon School, there were more fillers than any other series in the Pokemon Anime. In fact, all of season 1 of this series is purely filler. This entire season is pure filler just like the Orange Island adventures.

The fillers in SM suck so bad.

They're boring. And people seriously claimed XY's sucks were bad Pokemon because battling isn't the main aspect of this series. I personally prefer to see characters and Pokemon interact than battles, so it's fine but it's all a matter of taste. But for those who prefer battling, do they seriously think the OS-AG battles were good? Aside from a few ones, these battles were pretty bad and felt like Ash had to win just because he had to win. He didn't even win half of his Kanto badges by battling. The fight scenes are terrible, too short, and super predictable.

Unlike Pokemon xyz, which had good action in which the outcome was very surprising at times, Pokemon Sun and Moon has action that is the exact opposite. Watching chaotic scenes of pokemon bashing into one another isn't exciting anymore. The fight scenes look great when they anime but the problem is what I said before, there isn't enough, as well as them being very short.

I think Ash's battle with Hala and Totem Gumshoos are the only battles that were not interrupted. Ah, but everybody worships both Indigo League and Origins, where the fight scenes are even worse.

Plot, pacing and patience

I've seen more positive responses than negative actually. I know TR got Pokemons that were presented as strong and turned them into incapables like Seviper, but here Mimikyu pretty much lets its hatred of Pikachu drive it and didn't really obey to Jessie. Plus it was pretty refreshing to see TR win for once. And just because they aren't the brightest doesn't mean they can't win. Ash is pretty much an idiot and yet gets high ranking in every league he's participated in by beating smart people like Katie.

A lot of people were actually happy about this? Team Rocket actually does something right for once.

Latest news

I personally hated this there is no way Pikachu could lose to these sucks. You got your wish. Team Rocket is finally strong. You've got to be kidding me. I believe the writers are starting to balance losing and winning more. Satoshi's fight against Nanu is a great example; instead of losing because his Pokemon didn't have the brutal strength to beat him, Nanu really did test the bond between him and his Pokemon.

There Pokemon the fact that Satoshi could not completely bond with Lycanroc due to the fact of its prideful attitude gets angry when dirtyNanu took advantage of this and pressured him through this, unraveling Satoshi's battle strategy and completely crushing him. That's an example of a battle that wasn't just two pokemon bashing each other; it was really enjoyable to watch Ash and his pokemon grow through this.

Ash had never been the brightest and he always ends up beating everyone, but not always at first try which I assume this is what anime mean.

But he didn't beat Nanu at first try and this battle was way more interesting and engaging than just seeing Pokemon battle for the sake of battling. Well humour is subjective. But hold on not only the Bewear gag is not the only humour in the show, but do people seriously think the other seasons were any "better", humour-wise? The often used, long Jigglypuff gag that sometimes took the protagonists away from an interesting situation was any better?

And the blasting off gag doesn't get nearly as much flak despite being essentially the same thing. People just like to hate nowadays. Well, I actually thought the Bewear tackling Team Rocket and carrying them off was pretty funny. Her crush was way too forced and she was boring compared to other female characters in the anime.

Plus, while I don't hold it against the character herself at all, her fans are so annoying. Get the h ell over her and stop bashing all the other characters. I know you love her, but she's gone and is irrelevant to the new season.

She wasn't going to come back just because of her infatuation for Ash. I was watching sun and moon since the first episode it was so stupid. I'm only watching it because misty brock and possibly serena might come back. This is garbage. I didn't even expect her to be in it in the first place cause every female traveling companion comes and goes.

You're bashing the wrong one sweeties, actually don't bash anything just stay in filler hell watching this brat abuse everyone if you like her so much. Misty and Brock's return are the only reason I'm still watching the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, they have done very little so far to keep me invested. People always complain about the voice acting. But that's every anime for you. And English voices sometimes feel too monotonous, scrap important parts of dialogue or has errors. But, again, it's in many animes and the Pokemon one had never been exception. The important parts?

Removing the whole story of the first movie which everyone worships, the Japanese is good but the dub is a literal massacreadding meaningless ship moments between two 10 years old including one who was very abusive to the other Ash and Mistyand the mistakes? I think the original Japanese voice actors did a much better job than 4Kids. Please change the voice actor for Ash. Because his voice sounds off.

I can't just stand these two stupid Ashtards commented before me, Rue and Heavydonkeykong They seem to be everywhere trying to make it sound cool that 'hey look! We aren't following the herd' type attitude. But they sound as annoying as the ones they are commenting against. It's not about winning or losing. Its sound as dumb as if world's best cook can't remember how to boil water. Pikachu or other of Ash's Pokemon always beat tough opponents.

Literally every other Pokemon series did. And you would bash Pikachu and Ash if they lost. Pokemon fans are never satisfied regardless if Pikachu and Ash do very well and not lose. Pikachu is the mascot.

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Recently i've noticed a lot of posts about the Pokemln Anime and how great it is and how Ash is the best, but if you've read some of the comments you've noticed that i have been against it.