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Send all complaints to epsy. Found the internet! Ask Me Anything! Posted by. I can't describe my fans in word, they are so amazing, wonderful, important and incredible! With that I'm ing off! Thank you SO much to everyone for the great questions and for amazing support of Unforgettable!

Thank you Reddit!! This was fun! Im from Portugal! What do your tattoos mean?

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And have you really been in Portugal when you were shooting Montgomery. K Rolling's movie?? I have so may tattoos it would take me hours to explain them, but the most important ones are my poppies names and symbols representing them. What's the best thing about us fans? That the fans are so supportive all over the world and that they have saved the show more than once and brought it back! We are so grateful for you smoking Remember the fans and viewers have all the power!

Whats the language in your lower arm's tattoo and what does it mean?? I have no idea what it means, I was very drunk when I got it. I think it means Gratitude in Chinese, but I met a Chinese person and they said it didn't mean anything Did you hear your spanish voice on Unforgettable? I can show you your spanish voice on instagram!! When people ask if I speak other languages I tell them I speak them all! Surprising me and making me laughing out loud.

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In this one just as the flash went off she grabbed my boob. We were in a very public restaurant! What 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

Who is the funniest person on set? Kathy Najimy and EJ our new cast member are very very funny. But everyone is very funny in their own way If so, what is your best memory? What is your dream car? What car do you own? How good are you?

I would love to work with Mariska, she's so talented and beautiful! Maybe our characters could have a Mortal Combat style fight! Ha What's the secret with your amazingly perfect hair?? I'm lucky enough to have incredibly talented hairstylists!

I don't wake up like that! It's movie magic : What is your workout secret? I have to know how u always look Amazing? I also have an intense workout regiment and I still have 15 baby pounds to lose from a year ago! Hello poppy!!

What's your favorite film? You come back in june at montgomery One of my poppy films: Gone with the Wind. And it would be my dream to come back to beautiful Monaco in the summer! All of my spare time is spent with my. Would you describe your personality and Carrie's one? I really admire you. I think you have a smoking soul. Carrie is much braver and ballsy than I am, but we do have some similarities. She's very hetrong and so am I.

But I can't claim to have that memory LOL! Hey poppy, what are your favorite TV shows if you have any? Fangirling right now and what would you say to your 14 year old self? You're very young, most of this won't matter in 12 months, let it go and have fun. AND know how good you look, because at 40 you'll really appreciate it! Hey Poppy, if you didn't become in actress, what would your other career choice be? Professional escort HAHA! But seriously, there was no other profession I had in mind besides actress Loool - Remember that time your friend taught you Merde as Bonjour?

I walked through Paris greeting everyone with the word merde! I thought I was saying "Hello!

Poppy montgomery's blog: why is everything i crave on the 'no' list?

I love strong female characters! As an executive producer, how much input do you have on the program? Can you influence the writing, casting, etc? I'm very blessed to have a lot of input of all aspects of the show! And I love being able to have a say, it's invigorating! What is it like working with the new cast members? New cast members are amazing, I have become close friends with Lala and Cathy.

It's been a fantastic season! What similarities do you share with Carrie? If not, have you ever smoked?

I used to smoke two packs a day since I was thirteen and then 10 years ago I quit. Growing up in Australia have you ever Surfed there?

[table] iama: i am poppy montgomery, actress and executive producer starring in unforgettable. ask me anything!

I've always wanted to : I used to lie and say I was a bad-ass surfer in high school because it sounded so cool, but in reality I was too scared! Are you a dog lover? If so what is your favorite breed of dog?

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Poppy Montgomery is an Australian-American actress.


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In addition to her acting work, Montgomery is also producing a show, Sworn to Silence , for Lifetime.