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  • Years old:
  • 46
  • Nationality:
  • Uruguayan
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  • I love male
  • Color of my iris:
  • Lustrous gray-green eyes
  • What is my hair:
  • I've straight reddish hair
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Stout
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  • Latin
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  • Painting
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You have GOT to watch this just posted absolutely hilarious interview with gay porn superstar Rafael Alencar. Fans know the man has a sense of humor, but you really get to see it in, um, full swing, in this interview.


Porn star Rafael Alencar arrives on-set at 11 a. It's only when we're ascending the stairs to the second floor of the Eagle Bar that I notice Alencar's regulation track pants are actually plastic and stretched across his ass to the point of bursting. As he takes the stairs two at a time, it's possible to perch the morning coffee on his jutting glutes.

Alencar is juggling two calls on his ever-present cellphone.

The first, a john in Pennsylvania, is handled politely, if briskly. The second, in which he learns second-hand of a push-back on the call time, is slightly more agitated.

The on-set chatter quickly devolves into referring to the film as "Ass-Ass-Ins. Pam, also known as Pam Dore, and if you think being a female director in Hollywood is tough, try being a biological female directing gay male porn. While the set is under construction, Alencar and Bond pose for stills with Dick Mitchell. Alencar is also prepping for the upcoming Hookies, Rentboy's fifth annual escort awards, to take place on the eve of the dance-and-sexathon Black Party.

Alencar is up for the title of Mr. International Escort -- the hustler equivalent of the Best Actor Oscar. At the Black Party itself, he and Bond will be re-enacting a scuffed-up version of what they shoot this afternoon. During an interview, Alencar frets about his being banned from Twitter for posting a naked photo. It was his profile picture and it depicted both him and Michael Lucas in the nude, he hastens to add. I guess I can create a new one, but I had 6, followers there. I was naked and that was it. They just suspend it. Such was not always the case. Before the descriptor "horsehung" preceded his name, Alencar details a quiet childhood in rural Brazil northeast of Rio.

He worked as a dentist in a hospital in Sao Paulo doing alencar. I was slowly getting out of dentistry. Not at all, the people are kinky and they have parities there like the Hookies. He even Rafael off some passable Hebrew to his stunned interview.

Rafael alencar on leaving porn, fucking famous clients, and breaking his dick

And I left and I end up doing porn. From Yeshiva to the porn.

By this point, the set has sprung to life. Two, overly tattooed, straight, Eastern Europeans are hanging lights. A pixie-blond stylist rushes up to Alencar to ask after his jean size.

He lists his own height, both in the interview and on his website as 5 foot 9 inches, while the Lucas website lists him an inch shorter. I always get big tips. Pam and the stylist are discussing her pajama jeans a little too loudly.

Alencar is drawn in. Sensing a break in our conversation, Pam moves in.

While waiting on the whiskey bottle, Alencar discusses his being a Lucas exclusive for the past three years. They want me to be very bad with them.

Brazilian porn star rafael alencar spills the t on sleeping with patrick swayze, tommy hilfiger, & more in bathtub interview

He describes a client from the night before -- one of an atypical six -- as wanting "me to be bad with them. So one was even bleeding. That was what he wanted.

I kicked his face with my feet and he bled and came at the same time. When he was talking to me after, his mouth was all bloody. They may be on their deathbeds. They have cancer. No one would touch them. They have really bad psoriasis.

Yeshiva student, dentist, journalist: porn superstar rafael alencar?!?

He was born to do this. Whatever you do is fine. People hire me to talk. Three days ago, someone hired me to watch TV and eat popcorn. People hire me to beat the shit out of them with no fucking. If the first thing you want to know if how much money, then you need your money more than me.

You associate money with sex forever. Baby, he just left my apartment!

Do you believe adult film star rafael alencar when he says he did it with patrick swayze?

I never give names, but it makes sense. Want daily stories about your local community delivered to your inbox? Nightlife ยป Music. Size Him Up Alencar is up for the title of Mr. From Brazil to Argentina to Israel Such was not always the case. So Which Size Is It? Only Nice Clients He describes a client from the night before -- one of an atypical six -- as wanting "me to be bad with them. He's also the proud parent of a new website: spookyelectricproductions. It's a 'Oui!

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Adult film star Rafael Alencar shared in an interview that he once had sex with the former Dirty Dancing star.


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Rafael Alencar has the face of a Botticelli angel, is built like a tank, with a jacked-up butt, the likes of which I haven't seen since the days of Josephine Baker and that amazing dick!