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Textures become better, gait animation - smooth. Modification will definitely enjoy all connoisseurs real beauty. This pack replaces all the default gaming textures, which le to incorrect display of the seams at the ts of the body parts of the CBBE models. The following actions should be taken to resolve the problem:. Find the lines "sresourcearchivelist" and "sresourcearchivelist2", replace the text on see below.

Each folder contains a text file with instructions. Each option is configured to choose a player, with a loan to the capabilities of a particular PC. The bottom of the underwear, which will be worn by female characters, is configured in the "Options" folder:. Official FacePack is in the same option "Options". Cbbe includes:. Installation is made after selection of linen. Not Russified. Everyone has necessary materials and girls, if you wish, you can experiment.

The body will acquire more refined forms, all textures are now more detailed, smooth, with a new set of highly detailed maps of normal. Textures of body organs now look much more natural and beautiful.

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Support for argonian and kajitov. Update: 3. Embedding Morphs in Bodyslide: Instructions made up, thank you! Next, we go to the folder with the installed game on the way Running bodyslide. This item is not required, with the exception of one. If physics is not installed, then leave both and not change anything.

Click the Batch Build button Application of all armor and clothing under the forms of your body - Now in the game you can change the proportions of the body in.

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There are 5 packages of moles to choose from. Everyone has its own set of 3-moles, you can change all options as you want, just take the molefield for example from a package 1 and combine with a package of 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, or a mole from the package 5 and combine with any other package Pack 1. Above lip on the left 2. Under the left eye 3. Under the litter Pack 2. Above the right 2. Under the eye on the right 3. Under the lips on the right Pack 3. Left cheek 2. External eyebrows left 3. Nose left Pack 4. Right cheek 2. External eyebrows on the right 3.

Nose right Pack 5. Under the left eye and under the right lip 2.

Above the left lip and right eyebrows 3. Left cheek and nose to the right. Installation: via NMM manager. Installation is translated into Russian.

Install the non-unpacked archive in the Nexus Mod Manager program and run the installer 2. Cap the program window opens with automatic installation of bodies creation parameters with visual de in pictures 4.

Skyrim body mods

Add to the desired points checkbox when changing the picture will be changed 5. Select the body, select the body textures, select or without or without clothes, select eyebrow type, mark face textures 6. Click Install and everything, the body is created! If the body does not like, at any time in NMM you can reinstall to your favorite option. Installation: manually Before installing, make sure, deleted all your penisters of female bodies, otherwise there will be textures and mesh errors 1. If you installed all of the item 2.

Go to the 07 Texture Quality module and select 1 of the 3 quality options for skin textures 00 High or 01 Medium or 02 Low, each of the modules have 2 options for 00 SLIM or for 01 Curvy, real the option you want and place the folder Textures in the DATA folder in the girl with replacing files 5. Module 08 Face Pack optional, open the cbbe 08 Face Pack, inside there are several under the modules read folders description aboveselect the desired option and place the Textures folder in the DATA folder in the game replacement folder 6.

We throw the entire CalienTools folder in the Data folder in the game and run Texblend. And wait for the completion of the program installation and click "Yes. Fixing the seams to put on request, problems with glitter he. Installation: Addon - Moles on the face: - Download addon on add.

Why does not cause body after installation? To fix this do the following: 1 Find the Skyrim.

If there is no such line, then add it. Sveva is a replier, replacing standard women's bodies on their more detailed and appetizing options. His creators have done a lot of work on the removal of seams from standard textures like head, hands and feet. The mod completely replaces the usual texture of the body Vanilla on specially deed. It also contributes some changes to the animation of the television. You can fully customize the bodies.

The replay set includes changed normal standards, as well as user structures. Mesh scales were also changed, they will offer you more developed deformations in various poses. They are included in the option "Not Newy" Nevernude. Mod Caliente's Texture allows you to consider on the future and other options.

Standard Vanilla - Basic body structures that have undergone revision from the turn. Updated and modified chest began to look more realistic when sizes sch Compared to others, it is endowed with a more cbbe form of the pelvic part, as well as has a thicker waist compared to other types of Sveva. Magnificent Curvy - "Standard", real is based on Sveva. It has greater chest D-Has well as narrow or wide hips to choose a user. Slender SLIM is a version that has a slender version of the physique with small hips and booster A-s.

Tel Editor Bodyslide - An application that allows you to girl and select various parameters included in the turn.

It can be changed in it, making it the most magnificent or slim. This includes a tool that allows you to make a "super huge" chest or waist. The application also contains a pack of 20 presets containing identical female replayers from Skyrim and Oblivion, like Adec, HGEC, etc. In the pack of faces you will find 5 different packages of the moles.

In each of them there are 3 moles to choose from. Installation must be used Nexus Mod Manager.

1. unp female body renewal - a female face and body replacer by dimonhello santa-reize-shiva

To install modes manually, read the readme file with the instruction from the archive. If you are a CBBE fan of a female bodies for Skyrim, then you will definitely like this tool with which you can change the shape of the female body in more detail. The program is quite understandable, all you have to do - choose presets and adjust them if there is such a need, but if there is no - just save a new body.

Imagine adjustments and rejoice in life! Well, what is not very important - when creating the body, you can see pictures with how it will look. Place the CalienTools folder from the archive to the root folder with the game where Tesv. If you do not want that after clicking "Create Bodies", the new body automatically replaced the current - specify some other folder and the body you created will be saved into it.

If you were an active user of the version of the program - be sure to update it to a new, more developed and functional version. Well, if you have not yet enjoyed this tel customer - it's time to do this, because thanks to him you can achieve a unique type of phone, which one likes you.

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Looking good is an essential part of any RPG game.


These mods will mostly make changes to characters faces, but some also make changes to body shapes.


This is a quick guide for any new Skyrim modders looking to create more realistic and unique female characters using mods on the Nexus.