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The Norns comprise three older Godfest Exclusives: UrdSkuldand Verdandi who all possess powerful board changers but have slowly fallen out of favour due to the inability to successfully use on current meta teams. However, with the release of their new split evolutions, they gain dramatic improvements to their capabilities as a sub due to the addition of 7 Combo and Follow Up Attack teams. These two awakenings are some of the most powerful ones currently available as it sonia dramatically shift your playstyle and strategies when playing through challenging content. In addition, all the Sonias received their own split evolutions along with Red and Zuoh. This article will examine the Norns new found viability as well as providing advice on how to maximize their potential. In addition, I will touch upon the other new split evolutions to better aid you in your decision making of which one to pursue.


[discuss] new red sonia team building

Community thoughts? Any upgrades, suggestions, and team building help is appreciated.

I would imagine 1 if not 2 revo leilan would be staple. High stats, good awakenings, and board change. Yeah I was thinking that too.

Plus having 2 with haste will be nice. It think throw a shield on a dupe Leilan has huge upside.

Minerva great for RCV. Eldora sounds like a nice option plus eldora adds some enhanced fire orbs which is good, Awoken inahime when arrives in NA could be perfect It's probably worse in practice than in theory, but old Uriel can be a RCV stick. He also enhances hearts too.

Physical type, unbindable, and 3 rows. Prolly would work great as a base.

EDIT: Rein. Probably a niche pick but the active could be useful and she has 2 rows herself.

Red dragon caller, sonia

Found the internet! Posted by 4 years ago.

Pretty good sub pool of dragons and physical red cards Sort by: best. Pandora the GOAT.

Continue this thread. Did I miss a Sonia buff?

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