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Rika and Renamon are partners and part of the main cast of Digimon Tamers. Rika was the first of the cast to meet her Digimon.


By: Union-Writer Waking up to find out last night was not a dream, Takato and Renamon were talking with some memories being told before Rika s in. Flashback Lemon. Digimon Tamers.

The time came for the sun to rise in Shinjuku and what could be the last day Takato Matsuki would be facing. It was early and he was opening his eyes unlike him to wake up at this time, but he was awake enough to Renamon something warm on his left arm. Turning his head to see to his shock, that Rika Nonaka was laying there, with her arms around his and feeling her leg also around his. That was not all Takato also felt something else, this one was on his right and it warm yet fuzzy as if it had fur.

So turning his head once more in the same state he came face to face with a sleeping Renamon, who was in the same state as Rika with her arms and leg. Now waiting rika his impending death by the two once they wake up. With a sigh he starts remembering what happened last night, now noticing the half heart tattoo on his left shoulder after it faintly glows.

Digimon tamers challenge yandere renamon x rika shy little brother

From Renamon arriving to going down to see Rika at rika door, followed next with him having sex with her on the kitchen table. That memory made his face go red. Going back to it, Renamon taking her to his room it immediately went to him and Renamon in the bathroom and she was against the wall, her leg was around him and Takato was pounding her.

If possible his face was red enough to be a traffic light. Thankfully that was where it stopped, unfortunately it did not help his predicament. Looking in Rika's direction he could see a nice smile on her face, putting one on his own thinking how beautiful she looks with it along with her hair down.

Now turning to Renamon who was sleeping peacefully, who would have thought a Digimon that was tall and strong as her would also be a kind yellow furred beauty when she wants to be. His smile to her turned into a questioning look after seeing a faint glowing piece of a tattoo close to the side of her right shoulder.

Or rather how did we?

Then Rika might also have He was broken out of his thoughts by the stirring of the kitsune, who had decided to wake up. So thinking quickly Takato did the only thing he could do, pretend to be still sleeping. Slowly opening her eyes, Renamon was thinking to herself.

The question she was asking herself now was that if that dream actually happened? Receiving her answer as the memories came to her thanks to quick work from her spell cast tat. Trying to hold himself back from his release. Even though he had Rika not long ago, Takato managed to quickly find the energy to take on Renamon's offer of continuing where they left off in his bedroom.

Having her eyes closed she arched her back while he was sucking on her right nipple, feeling his hands stroking her sides that soon went behind her back. Letting out a moan when she felt one of his hands caressing her left butt cheek, before going for her tail. Rolling her head back, her breathing was a bit quick, placing a paw at the back of his head like before.

Takato repeatedly pumps himself harder into her, also breathing at the same pace once he moved from her breast. Keeping this up as much as they could, She felt her climax coming tightening her grip on him wanting to feel his orgasm enter her as she will soon release herself onto his manhood. Just as Renamon was about to let out a loud final moan, Takato somehow knew it was coming as he brought her lips to his in a heated kiss. Both released at the same time, with muffled pleasured cries followed not far behind. Her yellow fur gained a lovely mixed red on her face, looking over the Tamer she could see Rika laying there with a smile.

The tat did it once more showing her the images of the two rika in the kitchen when she saw them. Confusion was soon riding through her head on what was going on,until it brought her to the unknown Digimon they encountered in the park, recalling the attack she used on them. Slowly getting herself out of the bed without 'waking' the two, trying Renamon ignore the fact that the two humans were naked underneath the cover.

Putting on her arm guards and making sure her privates were securely hidden, she turns to look at Takato having a small smile cross her face. Leaning in close to him enough for him to feel the warmth of her fur. Slowly opening one eye just in case, he saw her calm face looking down at his. Swallowing air down his throat, he was ready to get this over with.

Looking over to the still sleeping Rika making sure he got himself free without waking her. Before getting out of bed he turns to Renamon seeing that she was still there, he had a small blush keeping his gaze away from her. With a nod she made her way out without making a noise. Leaving Takato to quietly sigh before looking at Rika one more time, then went to go get changed. Standing patiently in the kitchen waiting for the Goggle wearing Tamer to come down, shaking off the memories on what happened in the room she was in.

Hearing footsteps Renamon down the stairs. He came into the room rika, feeling either awkward or uncomfortable, trying to also keep the things he did out of his head, not an easy task to do.

Eventually he raised his head to see Renamon watching him, rika the tattoo she had was gone. Not long after he left the sound of the door closing made Rika stir a little, feeling slightly warm than she was. Having her slowly wake up, realizing she wasn't in her room. She sits up forgetting her lack of clothing and simply looks around. This looks like Gogglehe room, how did I?

Unbeknownst to her the tattoo on her back began to faintly glow. Receiving the memories of what happened between her and Takato last night. After they finished her Renamon was opened and her eyes were wide. Now remembering what happened, making her turn red she covers herself incase he came in. Taking the quilt as a form of cover, Rika looked about the room for her things to see that they weren't there.

So spotting his wardrobe, she went over looked in to see that his shirts were a little short to cover herself, so she went to get a pair of his boxers. She didn't care what he would think because of the murderous thoughts that were coming into her head. Renamon remained standing leaning against the worktop with her arms folded. That attack she used on the both of us and Rika must have done what we have did.

Respect rika and renamon (digimon tamers)

I saw a tattoo glowing on my shoulder it kind of helped me Clearing throat. Remember what I did. I don't know about Rika. I don't know about Digimon but humans intend to. Get to know one another first, then fall in love before doing that kind of stuff. But was stopped after hearing that, so instead of what he normally planned. Rika got close enough were she would not be seen. Well it didn't work out, but for some reason I rika okay with it. She said that what happened with Leomon and the time I turned Guilmon into Megidramon, Renamon said that it would not work out after all that's happened.

Showing s of a little sadness thinking that he must have been remembering it as well. Rika had her head lowered, also remembering that day. Flashback: A week after the Parasimon incident. Taking a run through the park thinking that the tree's would make good cover for the rin that was coming down.

After making it there she was a little soaked, but when she got there she saw Takato sitting against the wall inside, with no Guilmon in sight and looking a little down. It made a startled Takato turn to see her at the entrance, dripping wet.

Going back to lowering his head. With curiosity she went to sit on the opposite wall, staring at him before she asked. Dino-boy finally ate your parents entire bread supply. Giving her a shake of the head, he kept his gaze down as he explained to her what had happened.

But nothing came except her asking. Giving a shrug to her before continuing. Anyway I told her how I felt, but she didn't feel the same. Wanting to give him some sympathy, she held herself back for now after he had finished. Thinking that he had now finished, Rika took in a breath wishing herself luck seeing as how it would be a first for her to comfort someone. She made her way to sit on his right, ready to say what she can. Even though she doesn't feel for you that way I'm sure some other girl will.

Hearing a short chuckle from him, making her a little confused on what part would be enough to earn it. With a roll of her eyes and a pat to the back, she said. Looking down to her feet Rika's trip down memory lane was broken by Renamon asking. With a shake of his head, he leans back to look at the ceiling.

I mean having sex with Rika is one thing but you as well I just

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Note: This lemon is rated NC and contains digimon and a human having sex.


Renamon is Rika 's partner and is one of the main characters.


Meeting up at the fields, Rika and Renamon found they were the only two there, which made part of Rika worry a little, thinking Takato and Guilmon had either changed their minds to train them or had lied entirely so they could relocate before the girls had any chances of finding them.