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Sanae Kochiya is a shrine maiden of the Moriya shrine originally from the outside world, and is also a icon god in her own right. In the outside world shrines and gods were no longer given any faith, and while this wasn't too much of a problem for Sanae who was both human and god, for the other two gods of the shrine it essentially meant death. Thus it was decided that the Moriya shrine would Sanae moved to Gensokyo, a sealed of area containing that which had passed into fantasy, and Sanae went along because she thought it seemed like fun. And while she was beaten up by Reimu and Marisa after trying to take over Hakurei kochiya, ultimately the move to Gensokyo proved quite succesful and Sanae quickly found herself friends and Reimu's case rivals with Gensokyo's incident resolvers. Since then Sanae has fit in quite well in Gensokyo's society, and has even helped resolve a of incidents herself. Sanae is a very friendly and energetic, though she can be considered a bit air-headed.


The Wind Priestess of the Moriya Shrine and a distant descendant of SuwakoSanae Kochiya is a demigod with power to cause miracles to occur. In battle she summons avatars of her goddesses to assist her, and utilizes wind, water, omikuji, and miracles to combat her foes. In this game, Sanae's tools are more geared toward baiting opponents. She possesses some large melee attacks, and bullets that cover a good amount of space and stay on screen for a while, making her good at forcing her opponents into disadvantageous situations.

Sanae's flight summons wind, which can be used to move extremely quickly, shorten jumps, and perform other unique maneuvers. Another notable feature is Sanae's goddess summons. Her "assists", especially the Kanako moves, are effective weapons in her neutral game, allowing her to dominate once used. However, Sanae can't rely on these assists often, as they have a ificant cooldown period. Sanae also suffers from having a poor pressure game and may struggle ensuring spirit damage without spellcards.

Playing Sanae requires a deep understanding of her unique features, especially her wind-summoning flight. Patch changes history. Replay hex information. A fast wand knock, hits mid. Sadly will only combo into itself.

Has some utility as an air-unblockable poke. Good range for such a fast attack. This is your Dial-A combo starter. Will only connect into the second hit of your Dial-A combo.

Sanae sanae kochiya sticker

Second hit of the Dial-A combo. Same framedata as 5A, and will only connect into the third hit of your Dial-A combo. Third hit of the Dial-A combo. Hits high. It's not tight on block from 5AA, so be wary of reversals. Connects into "The Day the Sea Split" if you started the combo at pointblank range. Dial-A combo ender, useful in near-corner and deep corner combos. Moves Sanae forward slightly. Can only be cancelled with spells. It's also not tight on block from 5AAA, so a reversal will beat it.

It drains 2 spirit orbs on wrongblock, but still gives no frame advantage. It's punishable on rightblock by a 6F or faster move. It is however a reliable way to connect your "Night of the Supernova Storm" and "Moses' Miracle" spells. A twirling wand sweep, hits low. Good range. Useful for combos, blockstrings and for hitting dashing opponents.

Cancel into 3A or 6A for a mixup. If you hit, it will connect into both of those anywhere, but only the 3A followup will allow a limiting combo. Connecting into 6A only provides a limiting combo in the corner.

The infamous poke. Very fast low attack with a hitbox bigger than the sprite suggests thanks tasofro.

Moves Sanae forward very slightly. A powerful tool for poking through the gaps in your opponent's blockstrings, forcing her to either do aerial attacks or completely tight ground ones.

This move will even trade with Utsuho's 4A if spaced properly. Useful as a combo starter and a mixup tool because it connects into 3A and 6A. An overhead slam, hits high. It is however not very fast, and using it as an anti-air on reaction might result in you getting hit if the opponent is approaching with a j. It also sadly has a blindspot right above Sanae, which limits its usefulness as an anti-air.

Another use for this move is okizeme to stop people from highjumping on wakeup.

Uncharged version is minus on rightblock, forcing you to either cancel into a bullet or go back to neutral. Can be followed up with 5C, 5B and 6B for a limiting combo in the corner. Charged version is completely safe on rightblock and crushes on wrongblock. If you crush with it, you can followup with 2A instead. A ground slide, hits low. Moves Sanae forward. Lots of active frames, which is situationally useful for catching jumps or dashes. Can lowprofile some attacks like Marisa's d.

Mainly a combo and mixup tool, however a cancel is mandatory because it's very unsafe on both rightblock and wrongblock. Connects into 4C for a limiting combo anywhere except in deep corner, and 5C, 6B and 2B if it hits pointblank.

Charged version doesn't have enough frame advantage to connect into a meterless followup both on hit and on crush, so it's only combo-able with spells like "Gray Thaumaturgy" and "The Day the Sea Split". Dashing wand strike, hits high. Has uses as a fast air-unblockable attack.

The attack is minus even on hit, forcing you to block even if you hit with it, which really diminishes its overall usefulness. Dashing sideways slam with her wand, hits high. Grazes from 4th frame to 17th.

Unsafe on wrongblock and especially on rightblock - use this with caution and try spacing it so that it only hits at the very tip of the hitbox. On hit, forces a knockdown. On counterhit it wallslams even from the other side of the screen and can be very easily confirmed into "Night of the Supernova Storm" and "Moses' Miracle" spells. A useful move if you're fishing for a spell confirm and for punishing opponents throwing bullets close to you, but otherwise too unsafe to use often.

Dashing overhead wand swipe, followed by an uppercut. Hits high 2 times, both hits are air-unblockable. The move is fairly safe even on rightblock if you space it correctly, so there is little risk to using it unless you whiff. However do not overestimate its reach and especially its speed - most characters approaching with j.

Misspacing it is also very punishable on rightblock by all characters' 5A attacks. A wand swipe with a large hitbox that can hit even behind Sanae. Useful for crossups on grounded and airborne opponents alike. Has very few active frames, so if you use this, make sure you either hit with it or landcancel it.

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Connects into all other melee aerial attacks, as well as 5A, f. A far-reaching, powerful wand swipe. Moves Sanae slightly backwards, stopping her dash momentum. Connects into 5B, 5C, 6C and d. A powerful neutral tool which is used in conjunction with shorthops to throw approaching enemies away. As with j. An upwards wand swipe. Moves Sanae slightly forward and upwards, stopping her dash momentum. Has a far reaching hitbox above Sanae, and even hits enemies directly in front of her.

Connects into j.

A unique attack with a weird hitbox that gives this move the ability to hit not just below, but situationally in front or even behind Sanae, as long as the opponent's hurtbox collides with her leg. It slows Sanae's momentum, then causes her to fall down until she reaches the ground. The move is active all the way until landing. On both hit and block, Sanae rejumps either forward or backwards, depending on your decision. You can hold the direction away from your opponent to jump backwards after the stomp, otherwise Sanae will rejump forward.

It also connects into itself if you hit the opponent at a certain angle, which makes for repeated stomp combos. If it hits an airborne opponent, it can connect into 5C and 5B anywhere, as well as "Gray Thaumaturgy" in the corner.

If it hits a grounded opponent, it will only connect into 5C or "Gray Thaumaturgy" if you used a shorthop to hit your opponent at a lower height, just slightly above the ground. If it counterhits, "Gray Thaumaturgy" followup only becomes valid in the corner, however 5C still works anywhere.

All of Sanae's B bullets have pathetically low hitstun which makes it nigh-impossible to convert off stray B bullet hits on reaction.

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The Shrine Maiden of the Moriya Shrine, Sanae Kochiya came to Gensokyo alongside her goddesses to seek out a new future, after the outside world lost faith in gods.