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Now in a third edition, the authoritative classic text Male, Female evaluates both foundational and recent scholarship on the evolution of human sex differences, including how males and females differ in modern contexts.

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In comprehensive detail, David C. Geary describes how men and women differ based on evolutionary principles, how human sex differences are similar to those found in other species and how the expression of these differences is uniquely human. The principles of sexual selection-such as female choice and male-male competition-explain sex differences in parenting, mate choices, ways of competing for mates, social-political preferences, development, the brain, and cognition. Far from being one-sided in the nature-versus-nurture debate, Geary shows how an evolutionary framework can easily incorporate the influence of experience and cultural context on the development and expression of sex differences.

Thoroughly updated and expanded, this third edition adds a chapter on sex differences that emerge in modern contexts, like occupational choices, variation in sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationships. Scholars from a wide range of sciences have much to learn from this monumental volume. Using an evolutionary framework, David C. Geary explains sex differences in parenting, mate choices, competition for mates, social-political preferences, development, brain and cognition, and more.

The human body

Thoroughly updated and expanded, this third edition includes a chapter on sex differences that emerge in modern contexts, such as differences in occupational choices and variation in sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationships. Try logging in through your institution for access.

Log in to your personal or through your institution. The principles of natural selection provide the key for understanding how new species emerge across evolutionary time and the relations among species, among many other facets of the natural world.

Preference for sons could lead to m ‘missing’ female births

One of C. These principles were debated and largely ignored The discovery of the principles of natural selection is one of the pivotal events in the history of science. Natural selection is the net that captures all the disparate findings in the biological and life sciences and pulls them together into a coherent whole. This chapter begins with a primer on C.

With the publication of On the Origin of Species inC. Darwin laid out the argument for natural selection and illustrated the power of these mechanisms for creating evolutionary change.

In this treatise, he also introduced another class of evolutionary mechanism, sexual selection, but he only devoted a few s to it. In his words, sexual selection.

Life history is the study of the pace of development, the timing of key milestones e. One important function of The implication of C. Browne, Even Wallacewho codiscovered natural selection C. The situation only worsened with publication of C. Although Huxley was the first to discuss humans in the context of natural Such investment might not seem unusual to readers with engaged fathers, but it is a riddle in terms of the broader evolutionary picture given that male parenting is uncommon in mammals Clutton-Brock, When it is found, it is typically associated with shorter birth intervals between offspring or larger litters e.

When men invest in children and especially in societies with socially imposed monogamy, they become choosier when it comes to mates, and in these situations, women have to compete more intensely to develop and maintain relationships with the men who have the most to offer.

On top of the standard male—male competition and female choice components of sexual selection, male choice and female—female competition are central features of human reproductive dynamics. Chapter 8 of this volume reviews The main points of the preceding chapters can be summarized in terms of the core differences between men and women.

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Men have evolved to attempt to organize their social world and life trajectory in ways that increase their social status and influence within the wider communities in which they live, and they have evolved to attempt to gain access to and control of culturally important resources. This chapter melds human sex differences in general physical development, during infancy, and in play with the life history perspective reviewed in Chapter 4 of this volume.

It also melds these differences with sex differences in parenting, mate choices, and competition for mates.

The following chapter integrates this with a focus on the social development of boys and girls and the influence of parents and culture on the expression of the associated sex differences. The organizing framework is shown in Figure The journey into the world of boys and girls continues in this chapter, but Tattention is turned to the nuances of their social behavior and development as it is expressed in the contexts of peer groups and dyadic relationships.

Their preparation accelerates during the juvenile years i. This chapter begins with this Throughout the 20th century and continuing into the 21st, the issue of human sex differences in brain and in cognition has captured the attention of the general public and that of many scientists Baron-Cohen, ; Blum, ; L.

Ellis et al. Halpern, ; Kimura, Among serious scholars, it is no longer a question of whether men and women differ in the pattern of cognitive abilities or in aspects of brain organization, but rather their magnitude, practical importance, and origin.

Operated male-to-female sexual function index: validity of the first questionnaire developed to assess sexual function after male-to-female gender affirming surgery

The next two chapters focus on these differences and use the taxonomy of folk domains introduced in This chapter continues the discussion of sex differences in brain and cognition, but now turns the attention to the folk biology and folk physics systems described in Chapter 9 of this volume. Most people living in highly developed and economically diverse nations are far removed from the day-to-day demands on people living in traditional societies, and they may not fully appreciate the importance of folk biological and folk physical competencies.

The combination is critical for survival in traditional contexts and provided our ancestors with the ability to modify and control the ecology in ways that are uniquely human. Without the This final chapter offers some thoughts on how the many sex differences in evolved biases that were covered throughout this book might be expressed in the modern world.

Of course, much of what we observe day-to-day is expressed in a cultural and historical context that often differs in important ways from the evolutionary contexts of our ancestors. Nevertheless, our evolutionary past echoes forward and influences the expression of sex differences in many areas of modern life. These influences are illustrated with respect to sex differences in school e.

Copyright Date: Published by: American Psychological Association. Search for reviews of this book. Book Description: Now in a third edition, the authoritative classic text Male, Female evaluates both foundational and recent scholarship on the evolution of human sex differences, including how males and females differ in modern contexts. Table of Contents You are viewing the table of contents. Export a Text file For BibTex.

Male, female: the evolution of human sex differences

Front Matter. Table of Contents. In his words, sexual selection depends on the advantage which certain individuals have over other individuals of the same sex and species, in exclusive relation to reproduction Processing your request

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Purpose: No questionnaire is currently available to evaluate sexual function after male-to-female gender affirming surgery.


The United Nations identifies the sex selection of babies before birth as a harmful practice on a par with child marriage and female genital mutilation.


The images below illustrate the male and female body parts that are involved in sexual activity and reproduction.


Tired of endless photographic studies of gender and identity, curator Federica Chiocchetti decided to play with more everyday notions of romance.