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The SFM requires a somewhat powerful system to run well. Laptops with embedded graphics chips or small screens are unlikely to be able to run the SFM. For more information about minimum hardware requirements, see Installation.


Safety function monitoring (exaquantum/sfm)

Fire Service Certification. Florida Fire Prevention Code. Florida State Fire College. Student Services.

Sustainable forest management (sfm) toolbox

All vehicles—both electric and gasoline-powered—have some risk of fire in the event of a serious crash. Just as special techniques have been developed to respond and extinguish fires in gasoline-powered vehicles, first responders, tow truck operators, and the public need to be aware of the specific attributes and characteristics of fires involving electric and hybrid vehicles. The information provided on this is intended to serve as a general reference for first responders and vehicle operators. Individual manufacturers should be consulted regarding specific information on a particular make or model vehicle.

A nationwide program through the National Fire Protection Association to help firefighters and other first responders effectively deal with emergency situations involving electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

The Web site hosts an EV blog, calendar of events, training videos, emergency field guides from 19 auto manufacturers, research reports, as well as an online training course. Visit the Training Section's Home .

Contact the Training Staff. View Course Curriculum. Approved Online Training.

Visit the Safety Section's Home. Contact the Safety Section Staff. Achieving Compliance. Fire Service Safety Concerns. Model Safety Programs. View Safety Webinars.

Visit the Standards Section Home. Contact the Standards Section Staff. For Military Firefighters transitioning to civilian life. Using the Online Testing Application Process.

Common issues and questions

About ProBoard Certification. Processing Fingerprints for Required Background Checks. Visit the Student Services Home. Contact Student Services.

How do i port mmd models to sfm?

Make a Dormitory Registration. Listing of required books and their cost for courses offered at the Florida State Fire College. How do I become eligible for this program?

Once eligible, how do I enroll in the program? What causes loss of Supplemental Compensation? Does the program have any reporting requirements? Want to pursue a degree program?

Is a College Accredited? Inquire about Volunteering. A-List Registration and Announcements. Accreditation is the stamp of approval from a third party Pro Board review of the Bureau of Firefighter Standards and Training's certification system. The review includes all aspects of certification testing including; completeness, fairness, security, validity and correlation to the National Fire Protection Association NFPA standards. Fire Prevention Fire Standards and Training. Division Director Julius Halas. Public Record Requests.

Electric Vehicle Fire Safety All vehicles—both electric and gasoline-powered—have some risk of fire in the event of a serious crash. Quick Tips for First Responders: Identify the type and model of vehicle so that they know where the battery is and how to model shut down the vehicle if possible. Be prepared to use more water for electric vehicle fires, and note that fires could also be burning inside one of the protective compartments, invisible to the first responder.

Be aware of the Sfm that a lithium-ion invisible fire could reignite. If not entirely discharged, the stored energy inside the battery could cause a second or even third fire. Keep electric vehicles that have been in an accident away from buildings or other structures because of the possibility of reignition.

The voltage from the vehicle could shock a first responder. Always wear self-contained breathing apparatuses when dealing with a lithium-ion battery fire as some vehicles can emit toxic vapors. Links for information about What courses are available?

Transparency Florida Fraud Free Florida. The CFO's Newsletter.

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Process safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of systems and processes.


This model will only be used for scaling your MMD-model and it will be removed later.