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  • Years old:
  • 45
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  • Gentleman
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  • I'm Leo
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  • Liqueur
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This all started when I was about I had 1 older brother who was 21 at the time and also a sister who was She had a slender body and was beautiful. He was here returning from college. My family had a large house and a pool in the back. My parents and sister had gone out of town at the time for her senior trip so it was just me and my brother. It all started when I came from my friends house at about 3. My brother and his friends were in the pool and I went into my room.

When I heard them come in I heard them say Mackenzie we have something to show you.

Forced to be a girl for my older brother and friends

I was confused on why they were calling me Mackenzie because my name was max. When I walked out of my room they tackled me and took me into my sisters room. They said I was going to be there girl servant for a week and a half. They made certain rules and said I had to be in my sisters clothes at all times.

First they said we were all going to go swimming in the back. I knew this wasn't a good. They gave me my sisters lifeguard swimsuit and made me put it on. It was a red one-piece that felt very tight near my butt and croch area. They said I was to get them drinks and much more.

I was made to wear girls clothes to school

Every time I would walk by they would say I am very hot and would slap me on the butt hard. After a couple hours of this they then said we were going to get some dinner.

They then made me put on my sisters orange lace panties along with a orange matching bra. They then made me wear a skirt with a tight black shirt. We went to dinner and it was very embarrassing and I got a lot of looks and laughs. When we got home my brother and his friends got extremely drunk and said I had to change into a wears outfit.

They then made me put on a black dress with heels and also black panties and bra. At night they made me wear a red and black satin corset and made me sleep in it. It was so tight and I had a lot of trouble sleeping. The next daytime continued and I was forced to wear a thong leggings, bra, and high heels along with a top. When the night came my brother and his friends said they were having a party and that I needed to be the server. I dress but they made me get into a black dress and made me wear these green nylon panties and also green heels as well as hoes that connected to my green panties and purple bra.

I was getting laughed at the whole night when suddenly my brother said someone has requested something. One of the guys sister wanted a lap dance in front of everyone. Everyone was laughing at me and I could feel my face get red. After this I ran into the nearest room and shut the door. Shortly after three guys came into the room and said I had a nice ass and that they wanted a piece of it. I refused but they were too strong.

They lifted up my dress and said I looked cute in my green panties they then made me get down on my knees and started sticking there cocks in my mouth. After this night my brothers and his friends tormented me, making me where bikini's, short skirts, and dresses.

They took so many pictures and said the day before my parents and sister got back that if I told them they would post these pictures all over the internet and show them to my friends. I would have asked them if they were sure they wanted photograph evidence of their gang sexual assault on their phones when I called the police. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you.

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Random Post. I've posted two stories on here now as When I first met my husband we were The sluttiest thing I have ever done I've never admitted this one to anyone My sister gives me so much excitement Last Christmas I had my friend Billy It's a very long story so I will just I moved school to a rougher area.

So this happened a few weeks ago. I came to confess that my son and i Forced to be a girl for my older brother and friends This all started when I was about By Anonymous 4. It all started ehen I was 12 yrs old. It was thanksgiving and I was at my aunts How would you make NaughtyPosts better? Cancel Post.

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