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Post Your Comments? Amorous Adventures at Skyrim Nexus Mods …. A bit of adventureromance and occasionally romantic comedy while exploring the vanilla NPC's backstories more.


The premise is to add "romance" to the game, with the new dialogues leading to sidequests allowing the seduction of the many citizens of Skyrim.

Skyrim amorous adventures

Said sidequests are usually closely connected to Vanilla quests both optional and main questlineswhile adding new content of their own: for instance, Aela's romance quest follows the main Companions questline. Also, since progression in the romance quests is closely linked to Vanilla quests, doing a playthrough with this mod may allow the discovery of Vanilla sidequests you initially missed. The new dialogue is all fully voiced. While set as an "adult" mod on the Nexus, the base download "Clean version" only contains quests and dialogues, while sex scenes are replaced by a fade to black.

Playing the "Dirty version" i.

Note the mod doesn't alter the list of followers and spouses. Also, almost all of the romantic partners are female, the only exceptions being Vilkas, Farkas, and Ralof.

How to start amorous adventures skyrim

That being said, the new dialogue has been written to make them gender-neutral and each romance quest is available regardless of the Dragonborn's gender. The mod requires Dawnguard to run. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Dragonborn are complete pigs, am I right?

All they care about is one thing. And you know exactly what I mean. A list of the available romantic partners.

Ysolda: How dare you! You behave like you're carousing in a house of ill repute!

Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

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Fully voiced dialogue and immersive romance type quests with vanilla Skyrim NPCs.


Generally I follow the "It's Good Enough" approach.