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  • How old am I:
  • I am 32
  • Where am I from:
  • Ethiopian
  • Color of my hair:
  • Fair
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Whisky
  • What I prefer to listen:
  • Rap
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Riding a bike
  • Smoker:
  • No


My two favorite worlds colliding! Of all the non-lore friendly mods out there, I love Mass Effect for Skyrim mods the best. I tried to link the original mod creators but a lot of these mods were taken down from their original posts, alas. Biotic Spells [ alternative download ] — This mod gives your Skyrim character access to Mass Effect biotic powers, including the awesome vanguard biotic charge!


There were new features added, like a photo modewhile a few things were taken away, including one "lost" DLC. For many "Mass Effect" fans, mods have become a huge part of the experience, making the games even better. However, because of "Mass Effect Legendary Edition," some of the most popular mods for the original games have been taken down.

ThaneMOD, a highly recommended mod for "Mass Effect 3" centered around the fan favorite character Thane, has been removed from Nexus Mods by its creator, Giftfish, along with other popular "Mass Effect" mods they've created. Without giving too much of the game's plot away, the ThaneMOD gave players different ways to handle the original version of Thane's story.

It also included a more "immersive experience and conclusion of [Thane's] character," according to Reddit user pfohl. The reasoning for taking the mod down was discussed on the creator's blog. Apparently, there's no way to port mods that were made for the original "Mass Effect" games into "Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Instead, the website is considering any mods for "Legendary Edition" to be "idea-based," even if they're remakes of older mods. Therefore, anyone can theoretically recreate someone else's mods without crediting the original modder.

As ThaneMOD's creator wrote"When a person spends dozens or hundreds or thousands of hours of their time creating something, their creative rights to their work should be respected — legally, ethically, and morally. Giftfish compared the situation with "Mass Effect" to "Skyrim," another game with a remaster that has been modded frequently.

According to ThaneMOD's creator, mods were able to be ported from "Skyrim" to "Skyrim Special Edition," and because of how the mods were created and ported, there were exclusive rights for the original modders, and these mods could not be ported without permission from the creator. Despite working in the modding community sinceGiftfish chose to take the mods down and suspend any work on mods they were working on. While this decision might be disheartening for those who love ThaneMOD, it's easy to understand why the creator chose to remove the mods in the first place.

Nexus Mods doesn't always handle remakes like this.

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By: Brian Renadette.


With updated visuals and other quality-of-life improvements, experiencing this epic sci-fi trilogy has never felt better.