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If there's a reason why this can't be possible and it's been requested before, then I apologise in advance because I'm new to modding.


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Can anyone make a male version of the valkyrie armor by zerofrost if possible?

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Best armor mods for skyrim on xbox one

Yours truly, Nick. Average rating out of 1 : 5. By Solesurvivor22 on Apr 20, Share this build:. But before she was to be stripped of her powers she fled into Yggdrasil in hopes of escaping the forces of Odin. After a while on the run, the Einherjar that where sent after her cot up and almost took her. But rather to die then get captured she jumped of the branch into the void below.

Here are some elden ring-inspired mods to try while waiting for elden ring news

Fortunately, unbeknownst to her the void below The World Tree passed into the void of nirn which belonged to Sithis. The mighty Aedra sensing her passage into Nirn immediately summoned her to Aetherius. After healing the wounds she got in the void no can survive in it the Aedra started schooling her in the creation of their realm of existence. Because of this she then went on to become a full believer in Nordish religion including and mostly Talos.

Years later the Valkyrie is a skilled fighter and loyal Talos devout. One day, Akatosh felt a disturbance in time. Wanting to investigate but not being able to since it originated in fourth era skyrim in nirn he decided to send you knowing that for centuries you've been asking to prove yourself worthy of entering sovengaurde. Before he sends you he bestows you the blessings of all the aedra which makes you immune to the effects of all diseases, poisons, and sicknesses, along with giving you a nord dragonborn body to give you Skyrim ability of shouts.

When it comes to Daedric curses they have to take effect first before the valkyries well cure them. When your sent to skyrim from Aetheriusan unseen side effect is that you lose all mod mental memory's.

At which point you arrive in a town outside the borders of skyrim with no idea who you are or what your doing.

You are then captured and mistaken for a stromcloak so your then taken to helgen. Roleplay While you don't have your mental memories you still have your muscle memory.

Namely, skills with a sword, shield, and bow. After seeing Alduin you get a sudden feeling of understanding and purpose.

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You feel compelled to kill Alduin for an unseen reason. As you progress through the main storyline you start to remember. By the end of mainstory you have regained your entire memory. Once Alduin is defeated you decide to stay in skyrim to continue doing all you can do to prove you deserve to be in sovengaurde. What do you think? You are replying to comment 33 I'd rather not. Log in. Password I forgot my password.

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Adding new items and scripts to PS4 is difficult, or even impossible.


Thanks to Bethesda for giving us the tools to mod their games their graphic engine still sucks though :P.


Permissions wise, Zerofrost has given other mod authors a blank check to use his mod files as long as they credit him as the original author, as he stated he has retired from modding.


While modding can be controversial for many communities, Bethesda is one company that promotes it.