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Werewolves in Skyrim are pretty overpowered. They can also feed on corpses to regain health at an alarming rate. To top things off, their stamina is essentially undepletable. I like being a werewolf in Skyrim, but even when I crank up the difficulty it feels a little too easy.


This contains a list of user submitted bugs and glitches - as well as possible workarounds. You can train your One-HandedTwo-HandedArcheryDestructionand most importantly, Sneak abilities here for as long as you like! Neither NPC will die when their health drops to 0, but I do advise you to be very careful about how high you level up.

Randomly becoming a werewolf in skyrim is a great way to make everyone hate you

Remember, some instances of the game are "leveled" and grow in power along with you. I do not think you would want to be level 50 with 80 in the mentioned skills doesn't include destruction while wearing Imperial or Stormcloak gears and wielding Iron or Steel weapons Proceed to switch your Game Difficulty to Legendary and start "shanking" away! It would be best to train your choice of combat to 40, and sneak to 60 for that stealthy approach.

The game progression shouldn't be that difficult, least not in my pose. As I mentioned above, that would be pretty challenging on your part if you are to werewolf to progress through the game, so choose WISELY on what combat skill you wish to level up along with your sneak. While they are in the sneak position, they are clearly focused on the bear and pay no mind to you. This is the best time to attack!

This has become a bother for me when messing around with various racesand found that being too close to the bear or the NPC you escaped with being too Skyrim ruins your sneak attack and damage dealt will be labeled as normal damage ruining that chance for that extra modifier. If you focus on Stealth alone using a dagger, you will reach level 24 with Sneak being Legendary only one time, and your One-Handed roughly 26 - So be careful on what you decide to do if you utilize this glitchy mechanic.

Growl - werebeasts of skyrim

Update 2: Utilizing this glitch and the Legendary feature for skills will provide you beneficial perk points for those skills you want to pump up right away like SmithingEnchantingand Pickpocket. Have Fun! I noticed that when completing the main quest on the Dragonborn DLC. When you defeat Miraak, Hermaeous Mora offers you to reset your perk tree in return for a dragon soul. After agreeing to this, i found out i was able to upgrade all of my dragon shouts without killing another dragon.

A short tutorial detailing how to get rid of the recharge timer on all dragon shouts. A small turoial on how to wear all the Dragon Priest Masksat the same time, while sacrficing your characters "personality". When and if you become a Vampire Lord you have to be aware that if your focoused on the looks of your character when you equip hoods such as the Theives Guild Hood it will show a huge bald spot on the top of your head and Skyrim back of your neck will still have hair.

Go to solitude docks with your horsenear by there is bridge going across the water, ride onto it. Once on the bridge, ride your horse off the side of it an in to the water. The hose should go right underwater and not come back up to surface. You can swim around like normal once in the water. Go to Riftenand go to the black-briar meadery. Once pose there should be a dark elf at the counter. Talk to him and choose the werewolf topic about his boss. After he speaks, you get the option to persuade.

Do this over and over until you reach If you are trying to get breezehome for free then you will have to wait untill Preventus is either asleep or heading upstairs staring at the map. Though if you have any stolen gold on you then be careful since even though it has been with you this long it will still be considered stealing and it's likely you will be arrested.

This will also work the the mannequins in house in Windhelmor any other houses that may have mannequins. Also, this glitch will not duplicate any enchantments on the item.

Therefore, if you try to duplicate an armmour piece that you have enchanted, you will duplicate the original item, but it will be disenchanted and down to its lowest level. In Helgenthere is a pile of bones that will glitch and hurt you by 1 health point. The animation of watching a rib-cage or animal skull flying into the face of your follower or random enemy is quite hillarious as there will be times that it triggers them to draw their weapon as if you provoked them into combat.

This is very easy to do, the only real requirement is an Enchanting skill of or some enchanting potions. Anyone who is far enough in the storyline will know that when you shout in a hold guards will tell you to "Stop that shouting".

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When you shout in jail guards will think they need to open the door to talk to you. When he does this, sneak by him and get your items from the chest. You may sneak behind the monks in High Hrothgar and attack them to build your sneak and weapon skills. Attacking them even when hidden will result in angering them to the point of where the only way to shed the hate, would be to reload your save. I have tested this Before and After starting the Way of the Voice questline.

If you ever get married in Skyrimkeep in mind that you shouldn't try to kill your to-be spouse's close friends, unless you want the dead to crash your wedding. After killing a dragon retreat to where you cannot see its skeleton anymore, come back and you will see it ragdoll all over the place.

You can also just hit it with a firebolt spell. I have experienced instances where I kill the dragonits killed my horse etc, and I loot it, however despite a cut scene showing me I have absorbed the soul it does not register in the shouts menu. This was not a dragon I had ever killed before. Then your left with loot, no horseand no dragon soul.

I know this usually happens only when your killing the re-spawn of the dragonhowever this was not the case. Rough luck. In Riverwood there is an elf named Faendal who will train you in Archery. He will also follow you into battle. First pay him Gold to train you in Archery then ask him to follow you. Now trade with him and you can take back your gold and ask him to train you again. Rinse and repeat for 5 easy Archery levels per character level. This can be done up to Archery level Beyond 50, complete The Campanions Quests and you'll be able to have Aela the Huntress werewolf you into battle.

Do the same trick as above for free archery training. Not sure if this works on other characters, but after I decided Ancano needed to die, I snuck in his room and tried to assassinate him. Using a sword, I put myself in the sneak position and stood facing his back, just within striking reach. I Skyrim a power attack which staggered him, but didn't do any damage. It did however, improve my stealth.

Covered in blood, he made a typical nasty comment and went back to sleep You can find him sleeping on the ground floor of the Hall of Attainment at the mage college. He'll be there after 10pm. Reason for this is, Ancano is an important quest NPC. He can't die until a certain part of the Mages College questline is resolved. Another way to level stealth if you have completed the main story line up to here is to sneak behind Paarthurnax and to hit with with a one-handed weapon, Paarthurnax must be sitting on the wall and he will never be killed due to the fact he is a main storyline character.

His health may drop all the way to 0 but he will never be staggered or killed, after awhile his health will pose to full. This has not been attempted with a bow or two-handed yet. This also works with Mirabelle Ervine.

Located on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment. Don't Forget to set the difficulty to Legendary. Levels up MUCH faster. If you have very good timing, you might be able to get behind a "load-door. This is probably to prevent items from suffering physics glitches when a door traps it. However, this also counts for the doors that trigger a loading screen, even though their open and close animations are very short. So if you run towards one, and open the door with the right timing just before you reach it, you might just run straight through the door into whatever was created behind it.

The strangest fact of this strange glitch is that the loading screen doesn't actually trigger until you walk back through the pose, so you're free to "explore" behind the loading werewolves. There doesn't actually seem to be much of interest behind there though. If you enter the Thieves' Guild in Riften and explore further inside, you might see someone shooting at a dummy. If Skyrim stand near the dummy not in the archer's path, or he will not shoot he will continuously shoot at the target without retrieving his arrows, leaving you free to take them.

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Typically you can get lower level arrows from this method, such as steel and iron arrows. However, if you pickpocket the person shooting the dummy, you can steal their arrows, and replace them with one arrow of your choice ebonydaedricetc. When the person begins shooting again, they will shoot the new kind of arrow, giving you an endless supply.

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This mission begins at The Blue Palace in Solitude.