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By Hugo Gye. A year-old girl has found herself at the centre of an internet storm after web users shared explicit photographs of her giving oral sex to two men at an Eminem concert in Ireland. Police are investigating the disturbing incident amid concerns that the images - apparently taken in a public area of the concert site and now widely circulating on the internet - amount to child pornography because she is under And dozens of internet commenters have been accused of sexism for mocking the girl and seeking to reveal her identity - while praising her sexual partner as a 'hero' and a 'legend'. Campaigners have warned that the sharing of explicit pictures is a 'growing problem' which it is almost impossible to prevent due to the fast-moving nature of social networking.


Should I say anything about the appalling photos posted on Twitter or should I not?

Is it any of my business? Since the whole world has by now seen this story, it seems to me that it hardly makes any difference if I mention it on this uncensored website, so here we go. Appalling, you might say, and as a parent, I agree. Who in their right mind would want to see pictures of their under-age daughter smeared all over Twitter going down on a couple of prancing, sneering knackers? What really shocked me was the campaign of vilification against a young girl by people on Twitter, especially given that the cheerleaders of the hate campaign were women.

Are the guys a bunch of absolute fuck-he? Without question. Despite throwing off the Slane of the Catholic church, it seems that Ireland has retained the age-old tradition of slut-shaming, and even worse, it seems that women, girl having shaken off the shackles of religious oppression, are the very first to point the finger at other women. You would think every has the right to throw stones in the glass house. She still her parents baby. Very well said my sentiments exactly who knows wit she was on or given.

Reading some horrible posts about this on Facebook ppl r very quick to judge. Sum1s baby girl :. But to be fair the guy posing obviously does not have to much upstairs ,along with the camera man and the people who re shared the photo! This is not entertainment, I just hope the young girl can move forward!

I completely agree with you on the nastiness and misogyny in evidence on Twitter. Do you know that he is overage? I believe in good faith that he is. You are a fucking Slane. So you have the right to condemn the girls as gobshites, knackers, fuck-he and miserable fuckers but others have no right to condemn the girl? It has nothing to do with the internet and everything to do with self-righteous witch-burning fools like the commenters.

We uncensored need to challenge them at every opportunity. I agree completely. I also agree with your description of these l.

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While I agree with a lot of what you say, I think you miss a vital point that all people, especially kids need to be aware of. We now live in a society that has social Slane, and a camera in every pocket! If you want to remain private, do things in private!

If she is going to do something like that, at a public event, then there is uncensored to be consequences. You post his picture in good faith, the OP of the original picture did not know the girls age so therefore why are they committing an offence and not you?

Its a public place and no coercion or force was used nor is any of the parties depicting children or reasonable believed to be girls. Other than that, she sucked off two guys at the entrance to a toilet in front ofpeople. WTF did she think would happen? But I do agree that all involved are equally too blame and when all is said and done, we have all dont stupid shameful stuff in our youth.

If individuals are going to use something, be it the internet or a gun or anything, to hurt other human beings then I am afraid I would condone controls. The post is about the storm of hatred against the girl. Did you?

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If people can not use something responsibly then it should be taken away from them. I used to be anti censorship but it is out of control now. I know! I am a performance poet! I think we need to protect people who cannot protect themselves. I read somewhere that she was only 16 according to her instagram A young child that will grow up very quickly :.

Dead right. As everyone knows, all year-olds at a concert have their parents with them. Society and the mentality of that age group has made it seem like doing that type of thing is cool and will get a girl liked, 3. Putting those shots up on social media for the world to see classifies those two arseholes as ignorant, disgusting perverts who like young girls and enjoy ridiculing them for their own enjoyment.

Yes she did a stupid thing but she doesnt need it to be broadcast across the internet!! If the guys are older they should be responsible and respectful enough not to take advantage of a younger girl, then take photos to show the world!! I think it is ridiculous to prop up your argument that an act of mysogyny is taking place by claiming the majority is coming from women — this is a classic defence of the patriarchy.

We do not know if the people shown in these images feel pride or shame or apathy.

Nor what their state of mind was. I completly agree with the sentiment you try to convey however it is spoiled with contradictions.

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Drivel — I said nothing about misogyny. Seriously the girl was putting it about all day at slane. In fairness thats her choice. But she also chose to do all of these acts in a public place as did the fella. But this girl was not forced to do any of these acts nor was she forced to do them in public.

Slane girl

So it begs me to wonder where her morals and self respect for herself was that day! I dont expect the fella to have any girl or respect for her as he thought he was the big lad in the pic in front of Slane the boys. The decision lay with both of them regarding their sexual acts all that day. So the backlash of these photos lay with them both. I dont believe this has anything to do with religious attitudes in ireland, the backlash is from people that have seen these pics and see neither of these two involved As having any self respect for themselves or the people around them watching, so why would the public have any respect for them both after seeing these pics.

Its utterly disgusting in my view to see wats meant to be a private sexual act but its all uncensored of the world we now live in.

She feels horrible, here was another story about allyssa rosales that shocked all world but it has calmed down a bit, check it out on this web. Its all the girls fault. It was her choice to do what she did. Being drunk is no excuse.

#slanegirl – girl gets photographed giving multiple guys blow jobs at eminem show

It is stupid that you can put all the blame on the two fellas. They were drunk too and they were hardly going to ask the girl if she was of age for sex. The main point is the uncensored of the broke the law by having sex in a public place. The three of them are as bad as each other. No one wants to see that shit.

Go get a room you filthy knackers. People surprise me! You seem to be fond of accusing people of not been able to read or debate, yet you yourself have an incredibly flawed approach and poor self awareness. Bock, your logic is twisted. Your justification could be used by all those posting nasty comments about the girl. Both you and they should take a look at yourselves before bullying girls. Apart from the authorities apparently confirming she is only 16, Slane have also seen a post from a guy who claimed that he talked to some of the security men who dealt with the incident.

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Cyber bullies pushed an Irish girl to her breaking point after images of the year-old performing oral sex at an Eminem concert went viral.


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