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  • How old am I:
  • 22
  • Where am I from:
  • I'm british
  • What is my gender:
  • Woman
  • What is my Sign of the zodiac:
  • Sagittarius
  • What is my figure type:
  • My body type is quite skinny
  • Favourite drink:
  • Vodka


An example of to soak is to add on extra charges to a taxi cab fare. She relaxed after a nice, long soak in the bathtub, her thoughts wandering among the stars. The best thing she could do now was soak in some warm bath water, but there wasn't time.


The buttermilk soak also simplifies the prep and makes the final result lighter compared to the typical dredge in flour and egg.

Soaking wet

If you have particularly sensitive skin, you should probably keep your soak s to around 10 minutes, use gentle cleansers without fragrances or other irritants, and avoid scrubbing. The researchers successfully tested sterilizing the mask with high-pressure steam, as well as with bleach and alcohol soak s.

After a day on the slopes, take a soak at the on-mountain Nordic Spa. In its over 1,year history, the land has soak ed in the blood of millions of people. Roughly a century after he jotted down his scandal- soak ed observations, his notes were finally made public.

The dead one's rifle lies purposelessly near the soak ed one's feet.

The soak ed one squats on the bridge, eyes furious and downcast. So we held council of war with Piegan, after which we saddled up and made ready to tackle the soak ed prairies. Like Marguerite Turquet she had "well soak ed the little d'Esgrignon.

And when it was finished and they were soak ed to the skin, they splashed up the road, shouting and singing. The cables are wrapped in cotton duck soak ed in oxidized oil and varnish, and are sheathed in sheet iron.

I do not remember drinking, but as later I found the front of my shirt soak ed I assume the water was for me. New Word List Word List.

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Save This Word! Slang : Disparaging and Offensive.

Verb Phrases. See synonyms for soak on Thesaurus.

See antonyms for soak on Thesaurus. Give these words new meaning by adding them to your lexical repertoire and proving that untranslatable words translate pretty well to your vocab.

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See wet. Words related to soak bathemoistendrinkimmersemarinatesteepsaturatefloodsoftenwashdrownsubmergeabsorbpenetratedipdunkpermeatesouseimpregnatemerge.

How to use soak in a sentence The buttermilk soak also simplifies the prep and makes the final result lighter compared to the typical dredge in flour and egg. Pop open a box of cereal for a crunchy twist on baked chicken tenders Ellie Krieger February 18, Washington Post.

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To take the most relaxing bath ever, add some healthy tips Rachel Feltman January 3, Popular-Science. The 9 top health and medicine breakthroughs of Claire Maldarelli December 2, Popular-Science. Raw Gold Bertrand W. A Virginia Scout Hugh Pendexter. British informal a heavy rainfall. Derived forms of soak soakernoun soakingnounadjective.

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