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AKB48 is a member girl band from Japan whose one song has garnered some 56 million hits on YouTube. Doctors are increasingly turning to monoclonal-antibody drugs to treat high-risk patients who get sick with Covid The collapse of the Afghan government creates an uncertain future for civilians and challenges for the U. SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin all demonstrated this summer that they are capable of putting billionaires into space. WSJ's George Downs walks through what each company is offering to those who want to reach for the stars.


But let me introduce you to the hyper-sexual group of young women has hit the press for more reasons than just record sales in the last few years. The biggest name in J-pop, the teen sensation has gained cult-like status as the idol-band that is literally idolised by their adoring fans.

As well as the official splinter bands, adolescents all of the country follow their fame and see their imperfect singing voices and unpolished routines as something attainable to aspire to. The band does its best to emulate purity with girlish charms, matching outfits — sometimes of the school girl variety — and high pitched coquettish voices.

We are no stranger to the racy school girl pop-star — just cast your minds back to Britney circa But when news broke in that they had recruited their youngest ever member Karen Yoshida, just 12 years old at the time, alarms bells should have started ringing. What is more shocking than the tender age of the girls involved is the demographic of fans they appeal to, as well as the inevitable spotty teenagers and wannabe fangirls, they have built up a disturbing base of older men.

Japan girl band spices it up

This glow stick brandishing brigade of geriatrics appears to have no concept of the uncomfortable reality of their choice in music genre. AKB48 is the largest and most popular but by no means the only group, as well as the big names, young girls in every city don matching outfits and prance around in backstreet pubs and clubs with the hope of being spotted.

The girls can perform on their own or as part of a troop but as you venture further from the big stages the ages of the girls ages seem to plummet further.

On a recent trip to Tokyo I found the culture deeply disturbing, but I was particularly shocked by how normal the locals found the unsettling phenomenon. Hidden up a dank set of stairs and a poorly lit hallway was a dingy bar with a small metre squared stage in the corner. We had to wait outside while the acts prepared for their 15 minutes on the poorly constructed stage. A crowd of men ranging between years in age waited with us, greeting each of the adolescent girls by name as they walked past into the performance area.

After five minutes the show started, all the girls had deliberately high pitched voices and announced to the crowd how much they loved them before they started performing in minuscule pleated skirts and matching tops. The whole disconcerting experience reached its pinnacle when two identically dressed fairies came on stage and the crowd of geriatric men not only knew the words to their songs but also had dance routines to match.

The shocking world of japanese pop music where teen singers are unashamedly idolised by much older men

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