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The Recall had been initiated and countless days tumbled uneventfully into the summer haze. Despite his history, Jack Morrison, now Soldier 76, kept to himself in his private bunker, swimming in thought rather than engaging his comrades in conversation. At one time, he had been their valiant leader, golden and chiseled like a marble statue and a heart to match. He had once been selfless and only had their best interest in mind, but when Overwatch came crashing down, he abandoned the spotless image he tried so hard to maintain and brought his own form of justice under an alias.

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Her voice was that of a siren, velvety yet crystal-clear and sweet as honey. Her very essence was the only thing that could calm the soldier. When she was feeling panic coiling beneath her ribs, Jack would hold her tightly and rock side to side with her, until her choking sobs would cease and sleep weighed her lashes down. Many times, he would rest his chin on the tops of her head as she slept and stare into the violet shadows and wonder if what he felt was love or simply gratefulness to have another human being that empathized and understood his daily struggles.

Being so preoccupied with his stressful position was commander hindered him blind to romantic endeavors.

Sexy soldier 76 cosplay by zombie bit me

Of course, he noticed the beautiful nymphs who admired him so. He was devilishly handsome, after all.

Besides, it would be a huge breach of protocol to ever follow through with any sort of interest. Being together every day after the fall sparked some sort of feeling in his heart of hearts, though he tried to ignore it. Though there were no rules against pursuing a relationship now, the Super Soldier serum was making his aging body feeble and his once wheat-colored hair frost-white.

He doubted someone as young and beautiful as she would have any sort of pull towards him. She was so tough and probably braver than he was, but was also like a porcelain doll to him.

She had seen too much and her mind was cracking like glass. It was actively defending people from danger and crime, but Overwatch was fighting in wars. The Recall was a gargantuan criminal offense that would no doubt land them in a maximum security prison for the remainder of their lives. She was thumbing through a dusty book that had been left over in the bunker since the fall. She was humming softly, perhaps trying to distract herself, perhaps thankful to be back with her friends, perhaps projecting a pleasant face as not to worry Jack.

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Feeling his cheeks warm up, he noticed how beautiful and peaceful she looked, lines of worry smoothed as she read contently in the armchair across from him. Yes, she was definitely the light his life. The aging soldier smiled softly from the bed, feeling a fire burning in his heart. He could feel the blood thud in his ears. He had never felt such a fantastic yet frightening feeling. The white-haired man jumped, almost afraid she could read his tender thoughts of her.

The man hummed softly as he read the text on the. His heart slid into the pit of his stomach.

He envied her spirit and cheer, but he felt like a tangle of thorns. Now that he was finally coming to terms with his affections, he wanted her to feel the same. He wanted to guide her to a place somewhere only they knew and fall madly, clumsily, shamelessly, and agonizingly in love. After all that time, it seemed overdue.

As he sat there, wondering what the next day would bring, his passion was assuaged by the fear of being assimilated in the near future. The man raised his hand to her face and brushed a couple loose strands of hair out of her face. She often thought about his smile and how it had achieved immortality.

How the reveal of soldier: 76's sexuality falls short

Long after his perceived death, posters of him and other fallen members of Overwatch line the streets. Now, he was no longer a golden god amongst men, an angel in a garden of monsters, he was just a weary soldier.

Even if everyone forgot him, she wanted to remember. She hoped Jack recognized her loyalty throughout the ages and loved her with the depth she loved him. I have loved no one but you. The girl stood up and settled down on the bed beside Jack, staring with sincere eyes.

She hoped it would be the confession she always wished for, but she assumed it would be about her overstepping bounds and becoming too clingy. It took me too long to realize it. An eerie expression, half-relief and half-pain, came over those features. Now she knew he felt the same, they had wasted so much time ignoring their passion for one another. She sat up a little higher, looking at her palms and searching for the appropriate response.

White-hot tears pricked her eyes and before she knew it, they were falling on her palms. Their he bent in sleepy, soft, drooping movements, most woeful but hungry. The girl shied away, her sheening skin smelling of crushed daisies and sweat as she regained her breath.

She would be his first love, his last love, and his end, when everything is reduced to stardust. Not minding that the only privacy they were allowed was being out of sight but hardly out of earshot, for the walls of the barracks were thin. But being petrified in the paroxysm of desire, Soldier was more than ready and willing to take advantage of what they were given. His hand crept toward her, its gloved fingers sleepwalking nearer to her side before cradling her like he did many times on long nights when her mind kept her wide awake and full of fear.

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A soft sound rumbled in his chest as he drew her close. As I got to know you over these years, I began to realize that beauty was the least of your qualities. I became fascinated by your purity. I was drawn in by it. Not many people are good anymore. It was only when I began to feel pain every time you left the room here that it finally dawned on me.

He described her and looked at her like an artist looks at his muse. Never before had someone adored every flaw of hers; blinded by her grace and gaiety. I want this tonight.

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She softened beneath him before climbing to her knees and facing him. Focusing his lust and rocking slightly against her knee, she could feel how aroused he had become. The kissed once more, like it was their last and in that instance, he mind sparked alive with his unutterable visions that he only imagined when he was left to his own devices and seeking quick relief. Oh, how mere thoughts of her could bring him to the peak. He sexy imagined moonlight painting her skin as their writhing bodies moved together as one.

Being pressed against each other after years of silent longing was an ecstasy of its own. His leaf-soft lips latched onto her throat before he shimmied her top of her body. He pulled his gloves off with his teeth.

His bare hands were large, calloused, but warm. The girl giggled and rubbed the back of her head cutely. Jack reached behind the girl and unclipped her bra with ease. He scanned her with a red face and mysterious, impure, twilight eyes, ready to pounce. He arched upwards impatiently, groaning softly in anticipation. He hummed affectionately and she slid her hand between her sweat-sheened body and his, feeling his hard length against her hand, he grunted softly, rolling his head back slowly.

He really needed this, but only with his dear one. The girl pulled his engorged length beginning to stroke slowly up and down experimentally. He whispered, soldier the nearly-nude girl on her back, finishing pulling off her pants. The girl rolled her head to the side, gripping the sheets.

Something hot and throbbing pressed against her folds causing her to squeak and look at the scarred soldier hovering over her. He was prodding her entrance, looking at her with pleading eyes.

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The short stands as a well-written revelation, subtle and elegant.


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