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  • 25
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  • Austrian
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  • I’ve got big blue eyes
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  • My figure features is athletic
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  • Ale
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  • Rock
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  • Singing
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A story about what happens between the loving couple, Sonic and Amy. I do not own the characters. All char All characters, including Sonic the hedgehog, Am Hello everyone!


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Chapter List 1-Chapter 1 2-Chapter 2 3-chapter 3. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. My Night With You. Disclaimer: I do not own the Sonic The Hedgehog game series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. But I heard for a dollar you can rent Sally for a night My first Sonic story, my first story under this Author name, and my first Lemon ever.

MAN this is fun!!! Oh just to let everyone know, the ages are The blue hedgehog looked over the flyer in his hand, again and again. He shook his head in disbelief.

Come on Sonic. Tails ed both of them up for a Date Auction. The guys that ed up would be bided on by thousands of women from all over Mobius. Sonic shook fanfiction head to the side. After what happen with me and Sal, I think I might chill with the lemon stuff for a while Sally and Sonic had been going to together for a while. The two, practically were inseparable. Eventually amy issue of sex came up, and at the time both thought they were ready.

But apparently Sally was a little more ready then Sonic ever was As soon as she entered the room, with a pair of electrical nipple clamps. Her brown eyes were eyeing the hedgehog like a grilled steak. Sonic knew sonic then and there, he was over his head and that was the time to split. Hell she was even mag hig him, her used panties and other sorts of undergarments. Sonic just threw all of them away If she bids on me and wins That means I would have to spend a night with her He strolled over to his older bud and patted his shoulder. Sonic went to open it, but was pushed aside by his visitor.

The Master Emerald guardian, Knuckles the Echidna. After a few minutes, he poked his side and looked at the two. Knuckles, are you going the auction too? I thought you would still be on Master Emerald Watch or something. In this time, Sonic hastily put the food that was on Knuckles plate back in the fridge. Knuckles opened his eyes. Then he formed a devilish grin. Knuckles chuckled and patted his chest. He looked to Tails, who just pointed to Sonic. Knuckles frowned. Sonic rolled his eyes.

The big blue! Just messing wit ya man, Calm down.

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The Echidna looked at his watch. I gotta jet. Which was good, cause Sonic was about to throw him out anyway. Sonic still pondered about Knuckles comment. Then sigh. He turned to Tails, who was still laughing his ass of.

But one glare from Sonic quieted the little fox. There were a few moments of silence from the two then Tails remembered something. The fox smirked. Then he groaned. Just what I need But then he remembered where Sonic kept his porno collection. Yeah everything was in order.

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He then turned to Miles. Amy sighed as she thought about event that was about to take place in a hour.

Why not? You know, you know who is going to be there I think he hates me.

It was a vain attempt to try to hide some of her tears. Rouge frowned. She hated seeing her new friend, who was always so lively, be so down. She came over and gave her friend a hug. If you love Sonic, then everything should work out. Amy watched her get up from. Rouge who do you have your eye on?

She looked at Amy through her mirror then grinned. Now that you mention it, Sonic is kinda cute Cause she would have noticed, the young hedgehog going for her extra large mallet, which was ready to make a Rouge patty. Rouge continued to laugh, no even aware of the menacing hedgehog behind her.

But eventual she added. As if Rouge continued to think for a while. Knuckles looks nice and strong. Amy raised an eyebrow. Both girls laughed from that. Rouge turned to Amy. I got a few tips, for you so you can turn his head. The two continued to talk about the subject all the way up to when they left for the auction.

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