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Back to the content 'Powder Puff Goyims'. I don't remember Soul Eater having much fanservice at all.

Pretty much the only source is that cat-witch in the first episode who is introduced as a recurring character but she gets dropped and ignored for the vast majority of the series, and there's a joke where Black Start tries to see Tsubaki bathing in the second episode and it seems like it will become a running gag, but it doesn't.

Soul Eater really wasn't fanservice-y at all.

Fairy Tail is pretty much unbearable when you notice that fanservice is the only appeal, any other aspects of the show that can be enjoyed, can be found on other shounen series done x better. In fact, the same thing goes for the fanservice, but not limited to other shounens. So there's really no reason to watch Fairy Tail. Kill la Kill was okay and different because it was a parody of fanservice, at least at the beginning.

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Somewhere around the middle all of the great things about Kill la Kill felt like they stopped being great because it seemed to be taking itself too seriously in a way. It was a really good example of Poe's Law biting KLK in the ass, because you couldn't tell what was done with genuine intentions, and what was done to be a parody of bad, cliche series. Soul Eater gets better about the fanservice.

It really does. It's really only the first couple of episodes that have any at all, if I recall correctly. It's also far better than the manga about it or worse, if you're into fanservice.

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The manga doesn't have much fanservice. The only thing I remember was of course Blair and that naked clown, but that wasn't really fanservice, it was more "look how crazy the enemies are! That ing courage punch.

She beat the main baddie that took on the Grim Reaper himself by confusing him to death. The manga.

True, it doesn't have a lot by the standards of some other manga, but in the beginning there's more panty shots which the anime excludes and you also get shower scenes and the like later on too, though they're not exceptionally common. Agreed, the anime ending. Per :.

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I'm having trouble deciding whether the fanservice is too over-the-top or just about OK, this is mostly because 1: there isn't fan service every episode and 2: there are a few episodes like the first 3 that have a very condensed pocket of fanservice.


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Medusa and her minions will wake the Kishin.


Soul Eater was a breakout success for manga artist Ohkubo Atsushi.