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The first Diamond to be mentioned and the second to make an appearance. She commands Homeworld's military, is in charge of the Cluster geo-weapon project, and the yellow Gem depicted on the mural from "Serious Steven". She briefly appears in the extended theme songand premieres properly in "Message Received". Community Showcase More.


Click to see full answer. Simply so, who plays Blue Pearl? While not shown in the actual series, Blue Pearl has two eyes. Her left eye is seen in a drawing by Joe Johnston, and her right eye is implied in the episode "The Trial", where, when hit by Blue Diamond's emotional wave, a tear flows from under her bangs.

Last Updated: 25th April, Laureano Pampano Professional. Is Pearl White Diamond's Pearl? According to Sugar, though, it's not.

Virginidad Arrilucea Professional. Who is white diamond? She holds supreme authority over all Gems, including her fellow Diamondsand is seen as a being beyond the rest of her kind. Alcazar Femenia Professional. What happened pink diamond? He Kaufer Explainer. Are blue diamond and yellow diamond sisters?

And now that Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond learned the truth, they learned that they actually have a "nephew", Steven and are "aunts". Teodorico Hoefft Explainer. Who plays Diamond? Abdelhay Yuio Explainer. Who voices pink diamond? Susan Egan. Araiz Velaga Pundit.

Who is yellow diamond Steven Universe? Vida Pepiol Pundit.

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Who are you in Steven Universe? Strawberry Jam! Ok, heres another one. Which Steven Universe Character are You? Guaxara Jene Pundit. Why is White Diamond's Pearl cracked? Theory one, White secretly has some underlying affection for her Pearl I mean all the other Diamonds do and doesn't want her replaced, cause if she does then her Pearl will be shattered.

Theory two, White did it to her and plans to heal her after a set amount of time. Roksolana Sistere Pundit. Did pink diamond punch pink pearl? Pink Diamond was given Crystal Gems Pearl along with earth as a colony. From the information we have, the most likely chronology is this: Pink broke her pearl in a fit, wanting her own colony, White replaces her pearl and gives in to giving her a colony. Octaviana Duvenkrop Pundit. What was white diamond's flaw? White diamonds flaw is she has a narcissistic element to her.

She believes everything was created in her image and she is the ultimate. But thats her personality flaw.

Robbyn Knobloch Teacher. Are pink pearls natural? Cultured Freshwater pearls are the only ones that are naturally pink.


Therefore, pearl types such as Akoya, Hanadama, and White South Sea white pearlsare often dyed, commonly transformed into pink pearls. Dyed pink pearls will generally have brighter hues than naturally colored ones. Eleanor Lou Teacher. Why was Pink Pearl replaced?

The movie revealed that her old form before the rebellion was in fact the default setting, so it's likely that Pink wasn't even allowed to customize her this time. Adonais Kalandinsky Teacher. Is pink diamond the villain? Pink Diamond is the series True Villain. Because the fact that she were Pink Diamond meant that she never needed to start a rebellion in the first place.

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Laetitia Moretto Teacher. Is pink diamond rose quartz?

Rose Quartz becomes Pink Diamondrevealing that they are the same Gem. Tenesha Obyedkin Reviewer. Who did Pearl originally belong to?

She can also summon a spear from the gemstone in her forehead. Milos Holin Reviewer. Why is pink diamond so small? Pink is NOT off color or defective.

Pink is the youngest, as she only has 1 planet, and that is why she is the smallest. To say pink is off color would mean blue and yellow are off color toobecause judging by hands blue and yellow are only about half the size of white diamond.

Xim Astrahankin Reviewer. Does Pearl like Rose? Yes, Pearl loved Rose deeply, and Steven's presence is a constant reminder that Rose didn't love her in quite the same way. But even Pearl recognizes that something about herself is skewed. Constantin Masustegui Reviewer. Is Pearl a girl? The name Pearl is taken from the gemstone, like the earring worn by the girl in the portrait The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer.

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Pearl is a primarily feminine given name derived from the English word pearla hard, roundish object produced within the soft tissue of a living, shelled mollusk. Ask A Question. Co-authors: 6. Updated On: 25th April, Views: Similar Asks.

How do you respond when someone welcomes you to the team?

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But before you scratch your head and wonder how this came to be, don't forget that Nicki lent her voice to the movie Ice Age: Continental Drift and once played herself on The Cleveland Show.


Right now I'd say the majority of users here want Ellen Mclain, a smaller group including me are hoping for Zelda Williams, and just a moment ago some told me they're hoping for Ashley Lynn Barrett, but what if it's none of them.


Steven and the Gems make a daring escape.