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  • Age:
  • 34
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  • I'm zambian
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  • Woman
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  • Strawberry-blond
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  • Fishing


Adds Nora, the female player character as a fully voiced companion. She can be customized at the beginning of the game. Switch from Nate to Nora, customize her and then switch back. Female player characters are also supported. File information Last updated 09 October PM.


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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Nora Spouse Companion. Thread starter Thasic Start date Nov 27, Thasic Member. Messages I hope this is the place to ask such a question so here goes, I've run into an issue with SS2 compatability with the mod Nora Spouse Companion and was hoping someone here may have some insights. The two mods run fine until picking up the book in Sanctuary that starts the SS2 quest line.

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Before doing anything else, looking at Nora causes a CTD. This seems to only happen in Sanctuary as far as I can tell but it is possible that other settlements have the same issue. When outside of Sanctuary, there is no problem. Anyone have any thoughts? Strec Active Member.

I use the 2 mods and don't have any problem, maybe a load order problem? Try to put Nora mod last. There are quite a few. The one I use is called Synthetic Love and have had no issues with it. After a great deal of restarts with different load orders I have come to the conclusion it is not SS2 and Nora Companion that are incompatible but one or more of the add on packs. I tried to start a game with the Heather Companion mod and had the exact same issues with crashing in Sanctuary.

Tal Member. I am hours into my game with Nora Spouse and SS 2 with no issues.

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Load Order: Fallout4. Didn't think it was that long of a list.

Thasic said:. Last edited: Nov 29, I still seem to be having issues. I'm going to try to pare down my load order to the very basics and see if I can run through a game with pretty much just SS2 and one of the two companion mods as a test. It's likely something else in my load order but the only other big mod I have is "Better Locational Damage".

I do run with maybe other little mods as well. Mostly fixes and texture stuff. I'll drop that as well. I can tell you it's not an issue with Heather either. Been using that follower mod for years without issue. I am currently running with 22 followers and have no issues with SS2 that can be directly linked to being caused by followers. Edit: Fixed link to Synthetic Love. Tal said:. Messages 3, Try this mod : Liga of my companions at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community.

The only issue I have had with having multiple followers is technically a vanilla issue - the AI pathfinding derps out if someone else is standing in their way. Strec said:. Thanks for the insights.

Obviously it's an issue with one of the other mods I am using. At least this gives me a direction to look. Shella Member. I know all the Companions are pretty good, but this is just.

Synthetic love

Shella said:. I don't have any mod effecting him and he's crazy.

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I've seen a lot of posts about the Vault door not opening due to Start Me Up and Fo4's scripting engine limitations.


Synthetic Love is a Fallout 4 companion mod that adds a synthetic human character named Nora to the game.