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After surprise dropping her latest bop on us last week, Taylor Swift has just announced she'll be releasing a music video for her second Reputation single, "Ready for It," on Thursday.


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Ready For It? Official Music Video out Thursday night. Was that MV teaser shook.

Skip ! Story from Music. This morning, the world woke up to a series of startling videos posted to Instagram by Taylor Swift. The teasers start with several quick flashes set to the bass thumps that open the song.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

The flashes show a long hallway lined with what look like robots, Taylor's face with dark eye make-up and wrapped in a black hood, and finally, a naked figure crouched on the floor of a creepy, dark warehouse. Then, as the song's post-chorus of "Baby, let the games begin" starts, we see Taylor Swift's name written in the sky among lightning, and that's when she appears fully nude. She's naked, but in a few of the shots, her body features cracks of blue light, making it seem like she's part woman, part machine.

Clearly, there's some sort of sci-fi theme to the music video.

Taylor swift is beautiful

Still, most people don't seem to really care if she's trying to be a robot or what because they're so distracted by the fact that Taylor Swift, of all people, is naked. MV teaser shook — Alois Baltazar aloisbaltazar October 23, We're with these folks.

If Taylor Swift wants to be a naked robot in her music video, we're all for it. However, there's no denying we're surprised. She's always been a sweet, somewhat vanilla pop star, who isn't exactly known for her sexuality.

Clearly, this is just her most recent attempt at reinvention, and she's reminding us, once again, that the old Taylor is dead. While the majority of Twitter is busy talking about Taylor's bod assuming it isn't a body doublethere are a few people who have pointed out some other interesting things that this video teaser might mean.

Taylor swift addresses that sexy naked bodysuit from her 'ready for it' music video

Because there seems to be a larger story in the " This would certainly be the time for it since visual albums are having a big moment, and Taylor Swift would never let herself be shown up by the likes of Fergieright? Another Twitter detective pointed out that the lighting motif in the " Could the lightning be Taylor's sneaky way of getting the last word on that controversy? Clearly there's a lot to unpack with this new music video, but until Thursday when it's officially released, we're guessing most people will only be discussing the nudity.

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Taylor swift gets completely naked in her "ready for it" music video

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