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  • 22
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  • Hungarian
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  • Hetero
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  • I have long scraggly blond hair
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  • Blogging


Deed in England and handcrafted in Portugal, Calla shoes is a classically European brand of shoes deed to fit your feet. We are the brainchild of founder Jennifer Baileya bunion sufferer of the last 20 years and a serial hunter of stylish shoes to wear for special occasions. Jennifer understands the pain of not being able to find shoes to fit your feet better than anyone, having gone through it for the most of her life. Unlike regular wide fitting shoes, Calla footwear is wide in the toe box, but standard in the heel. This allows us to provide you with additional width and volume where you need it most across your bunionswithout having your heel pop out of the shoe.


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Tamera mowry-housley claps back at fan's comment about her feet: "it's called a bunion, ***hole!"

New posts. Search forums. Latest activity. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed May 19, Messages 10, Reactions69, 1, AlleybuxDead Yella Rose.

Tamera mowry housley feet

ed Jul 28, Messages 7, Reactions 77, Alleybux 1, I can't stand the Real. That's all I got.

ed Jul 8, Messages 33, Reactions7, 1, AlleybuxWhat the heck? ed Dec 22, Messages 52, Reactions4, AlleybuxTam Tam not playing games with these trolls. ed Mar 23, Messages 17, Reactions 90, 1, 1, AlleybuxDead Yella Rose said:.

Click to expand ed Dec 23, Messages 38, Reactions4, 1, AlleybuxEwww looks painful. ed Jun 1, Messages 4, Reactions 5, 81 Alleybux 53, Eh, at least she kept it real ed Sep 7, Messages 5, Reactions 22, 2, Alleybux 31, B Anu. ed Apr 10, Messages 1, Reactions 6, AlleybuxThat looks painful. I wonder if socks or shoes rub against it and cause more pain.

If I had a bunion I think I'd have to get it removed. ed Apr 5, Messages 12, Reactions2, 1, Alleybux 3,, It really has an effect on my sanity - I wish I hadn't seen this damn thread. It gives me fungus foot imagery. Boba Fett. ed Feb 14, Messages 4, Reactions 1, 49 65 Alleybux 53, Since when do Americans use that.

Bye Keith. ed Aug 18, Messages Reactions 1, 29 13 Alleybux 14, ed Apr 15, Messages 9, Reactions 29, AlleybuxI don't know why people let their bunions get big.

There is nothing cute about that shit! ed Mar 21, Messages Reactions 2, 66 54 Alleybux 99, ed Dec 4, Messages 11, Reactions 88, Alleybux 59, Wendii said:. Boba Fett said:.

Tamera mowry-housley

ed Nov 25, Messages 21, Reactions2, 2, AlleybuxWhy do people with coins walk around with bad feet? She could've been got that shyt removed. And don't get me started on Oprah. ed Mar 13, Messages 21, Reactions 97, Alleybux 39, This girl just can't win for nothing :crushed:. ed Feb 9, Messages 9, Reactions 24, Alleybux 81, Take care of your feet by wearing shoes that fit. Unless you're an athlete, a ballerina or were raised in poverty I'm not here for ugly toes.

Rih and Bey wear heels all year long and they have pretty feet. There's no excuse.

FashionJunkiee said:. Unless you were raised in poverty, an athlete or a ballerina Rih and Bey wear heels all year long and they have gorgeous feet. CrissyHatesDomo said:.

Tamera mowry housley feet (9 photos)

I don't see how women maintain pretty feet wearing those things. I refuse to wear heels for that reason alone.

ed Jul 23, Messages 16, Reactions3, Alleybux 9, It doesn't even look that bad Some women develop bunions after pregnancy, I know I did But I'm sure the women of LSA all have perfect feet :. ed Oct 20, Messages 41, Reactions4, 4, Alleybux 16,, I got big toe overhang in my shoes and i wear them proudly dont like my feet dont look.

Mighty Joe John. ed Aug 16, Messages 2, Reactions 5, 29 AlleybuxTamera is Tia's bunion.


They cut it off, threw a wig on it, and passed it off as a twin for all these years. ed Jul 12, Messages 2, Reactions 13, AlleybuxNobody knows you're a fool until you open your mouth or in this case, type your thoughts on social media. Bunions do not form from just one cause. Many years of abnormal motion and pressure on that particular t forces the big toe to yield toward the others.

About our shoes

Since foot types are hereditary, so are bunions. Her mother or father could have them. Nothing wrong with her feet even with the bunion. I have seen way worse. She's allowed to clap back. ed Apr 5, Messages 11, Reactions 56, 4, 2, AlleybuxDanni Archer.

ed May 29, Messages 7, Reactions 44, 1, Alleybux 5,

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