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So let me give everyone some quick background research on who Chantel Jeffries is.

So for those of you who never heard of the name Chantel Jeffries, she was basically some girl around Justin. It was quite a rare thing. Chantel Jeffries allegedly used to be apart of Taz Angels. They live in his Miami mansion where he teaches the girls how to achieve fame and fortune. Taz apparently helps his girls go out and chase famous celebrities.

I mean is hooking up with Tyga really a big accomplishment? Taz Angels are usually the go to industry girls for celebrities when they wanna come to Miami and have a eventful-shit-faced night. However, after she was seen with Justin and had a lot of attention on her for the time beingshe started to deny that she ever had any association with that group meanwhile there is proof.

According to past newsChantel also has been arrested in the past because she was allegedly accused of assault with a deadly weapon after having a fallout with a friend years ago. I have information from my source which will end up explaining Chantel and her nice anger management problems. None other than the famous Justin Bieber. If my veteran readers remember, I made a post about Chantel a few years ago. That was true…. Now did my source lie? The source who gave that info inis the same source for this post except with MORE information.

So at the time, my source reported what was being said at the time. On top of that, as time went on, Chantel developed malicious intent with Justin and this is something that happens often when someone becomes friends with Justin.

So as the years have went on between these two, sources have come to questioning Chantel and her personality disorder. More of this will be explained later in the post. Chantel is with Justin in Miami of course when he got arrested for drunken-drag racing.

Chantel gives E! News an exclusive interview about her relationship with Justin, whether or not they sleep in the same bed, and all this weird shit. Taz must be soooo proud, his prodigies have hit gold!

Justin promotes his flop ass Shots app and Chantel comes to the promotional event. This is where more and more time passes between their hangouts. Justin rents out a cinema at AMC theaters to watch a movie with friends.

Chantel and Justin leave together and she is seen the next day in the same outfit. How convenient for her.

This once again proves that they never dated or else they would have been seen together again. How annoying was this timeline?

Not once can Chantel sit there and say she dated Justin. He looked at her in more of a friend type of way more than a fling. I would see why they can be considered a fling but nothing really happened between them. Anger issues huh? Here she is shading Justin like crazy in because he was seen with Yovanna. Chantel was NOT dating Justin.

He was hanging out with her and he was hanging with Yovanna, yet she up here pulling a Selena - having a full blown mental breakdown over nothing. We had a whole ass post on that drama and that post will be linked at the end of this one. My source said that Chantel has a personality disorder which makes her act up.

Did she have a reason to shade him beforehand? But the fact that Justin still hung out with her later after she publicly bashed him and Yovanna????

She does try to latch on to every famous person she can get. She is your typical Hollywood social climber. Bitch what boyfriend? She has not had a steady relationship. She just has flings with celebrities who cut her a check at the end of the night, but moving on. She really went from hanging out with Justin Bieber to Logan Paul? Anything to climb the social ladder, aye Chantel?

Like I said, she is a social climber. She sleeps around, gets linked to a couple of famous men, and then boom, onto the next. Chantel sweetie…. Did Chantel hope that her and Justin could have a relationship? Of course.

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Now that Justin at the time was engaged to Hailey, it meant no more random Jantel hangouts : awww prayforJantel. She goes around telling people that her and Justin had a angel going on but she could really only wish. Lets take a look at all the girls that have interacted with Justin that Chantel ended up befriending.

Funny, Chantel spent a good amount of time shitting on her back in But here they are modeling together. This one must hurt, huh Chantel? But the fact that Chantel practically cried over the news of Hailey becoming an official Bieberis so funny to me. Like at least when Selena met up with the girls Justin hung out with - for the Tazs reasons as Chantel, at least that crazy one could say she was with him.

But Chantel definitely needs some psychiatric help for linking up with every girl Justin was seen with. Chantel really did not let anyone breathe before shoving herself up their ass. Chantel is just a fucking exposed stalker. Also who would be friends with Chantel before Justin? She was an irrelevant escort who was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

And till this day, she is still an irrelevant who calls paparazzi for her every outing meanwhile what does she even do? She barely models? Her ex-best friend, Morgan Osman exposed that. Just like with celebrity men, Chantel jumps from friend to friend based on status.

So lets see what we can conclude about chantel so far.

This is something confirmed from her own ex friends. Morgan exposed Chantel for the following…. She is a well known groupie within her peers and Tazs chased many celebrities based on status. Her personality disorder is shown when she defends Justin then switches up on him again and again. My source also says that she has a bipolar disorder as you will see in the messages below. I mean how are you gonna have allllllllllllllllllll those friends and hook up with alllllllllllll those guys and not have them connect the dots? Hope you enjoyed. Here are the messages between my source and I.

You can comment anonymously so take advantage of that. We will be angel and replying! Exposed: Chantel Jeffries and her relationship to Justin Bieber, reported escort business and violent exposed. The icon in the middle is Taz himself! She also knows a thing or two about mug shots. Here she is with them again.

Here is some stuff Cat has said about Chantel on Twitter.

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