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  • 56
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  • Russian
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  • Lustrous red hair
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  • Champagne
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  • Techno
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  • Drawing


Note: Some codes will expire over time or of redemptions. You can use a Golden Key to open the chest found in the town square near Springs' shop and Moxxi's bar to get up to four level appropriate weapons or shields each time it is opened. Additionally, we will continue adding new codes, and removing codes that we become aware do not work any longer.


This is a multiphase fight with a good bit to it. Be ready as you enter into this Vault.

Borderlands 3 invincible boss

Reload everything and equip your best weapons. This is the beginning of the Raid boss fight. This one has ificantly more health than its version. Right now the Sentinel is going to move fairly slowly and deliberately. There are only 2 abilities you need to worry about. The first is the Staff Deflect.

The Sentinel will use its staff to bounce the bullets you fire at it back at you. Watch for it to enter a pose to see it is about to do so. This can save you a lot of damage. You can overcome with this splash damage going off nearby it. Its second attack will have it simply run toward you and then use an overhead swing of its staff to attack you.

Borderlands pre-sequel: defeat invincible sentinel - the bestest story ever told

It can also have its staff swing around its body to attack anyone very nearby. It can also fire Homing Slag Balls. These frequently go over your head then loop behind you to hit you in your back. When you have drained the shield bar, the Sentinel will rise up in the area.

The bestest story ever told

Watch out as it will come down and unleash a devastating shockwave. Hide behind any of the pillars in the area to avoid in the incoming wave of damage. This will lead to the second phase of the fight. Having drained the first shield bar, the Sentinel will change to its second phase.

Its shield bar will completely refill. It will have all the attacks it had prior. It has a few more attacks as well: Fire Charge is likely the first one you will deal with.

Nier’s soundtrack is just as beautiful on solo piano

The Sentinel will come charging directly at you. Next is Ground Explosion. This seeking attack will cause a massive pillar of flame to appear beneath each Vault Hunter. There are a of axillary fiery explosions around it as well.

Finally there is Fire Storm. The Sentinel will hover in the area and loose a barrage of fireballs at the nearest Vault Hunter. These add some damage but are very useful for recovering with a second wind if you are down.

You need to get behind any of the pillars to avoid damage. This will lead to the third phase of the fight.

Borderlands pre-sequel: defeat invincible sentinel - the bestest story ever told

The Shield will stop regenerating. It retains all its attacks, changing their element over to Ice now. There is only one new attack but it is hard to deal with. Eye Lasers. These will inflict Cyro damage to anyone unfortunate enough to get caught by them. Once again, you will need to drain down its shield to trigger the next, and final, transition.

Borderlands 3 invincible boss

This is the final form of the Sentinel. All attacks are changed to Slag elemental and it gains its final attack. This is a staff projectile. The Sentinel will throw its staff into the air where it will split into 5.

Borderlands missions that are practically impossible

These will home in and slam down on you. Keep on the move and keep running to avoid the worst of it. Turn in: Concordia Bounty Board. Log in Create Log in.

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After completing the main quest line and a multitude of side quests to level up there is the unforgettable raid bosses of the Borderlands series.


The Borderlands series prides itself on its excessive violence and gunplay, as well as the sheer of wacky missions and memorable characters that are packed into each installment.


And there have been no true Invincible raid bosses.


If you die and you might , then you will not need the pay the fee of 20 Moonstones again and will be able to attempt the boss over and over.