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  • 30
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  • Swedish
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  • Gentleman
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  • I’ve got warm hazel eyes
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  • Girl
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  • I've got short silky gray hair
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  • Russian
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  • Absinthe


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This incident took place in my grandmother's basement when I was about It was a muggy, sunny summer day, and probably about 90 degrees. My cousin Kate and I were alone at my grandmother's house. The rest of the family had left story to attend a funeral the person who died was someone Kate and I had never met, so our parents let us stay behind.

We were told that we'd be on our own for at ticklish five hours. Kate and I had been hanging out and playing together since we were small children. She only lived an hour away, so we saw each other often over the years. Kate used to be a regular victim of my foot tickling and foot fetish attacks when we were younger, and many of those incidents took place in my grandmother's house.

At the time of this foot, Kate had blossomed into a very fit, attractive, 16 year old.

She bore a striking resemblance to actress Vanessa Marcil, and she had a very free-spirited demeanor with an incredible sense of humor. Kate had already entered the world of dating, and much of her outlandish humor reflected her sexuality something which drove her parents crazy.

The bottom line is that Kate was very sweet, open-minded, and not easily phased by issues of physical attraction. Over the years, Kate and I had grown closer and closer.

Truthfully, she was more like a sister and best friend than a cousin. Kate's ankles had this remarkably graceful curve, as did her beautiful arches. She had long, elegant toes with a slight curvature and absolutely flawless nails which she always kept painted in the summer. Cousin or not, I could never help but notice Kate's beautiful feet, and that had become a source of inner conflict for me. Kate was the centerpiece of my family, I absolutely adored her, and I had no desires of any kind to pursue a sexual relationship with her. I was really struggling with these feelings, and it had truly become a burden for me.

Going back to the original story, Kate and I sat in my grandmother's kitchen for a while and made conversation. The whole subject of death and the funeral had us talking about family and the past. After talking for a while, we decided to watch television. There was nothing on TV these were the days before cableand we both agreed that it was too hot to do much outside.

Grandmother's house was getting hot as well it didn't have air conditioningand the only cool place was the basement. That essentially made our decision for us, and we headed downstairs.

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One very important piece of background about my cousin Kate My grandmother's basement was full of classic daddy-longleg spiders that hung from the ceiling and in the corners of the various rooms. There was only one bug-free room in the entire basement, and that's the room where we used to play as children. It was an old office my grandfather had built years ago. That room had heavy insulation, weather stripping around the doors, and it was almost like a vacuum in there.

The spiders and other insects never found their way inside. That was our destination.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs, Kate did what she used to do when we were. She leaped from the stairs onto my back, buried her face between my shoulders, and urged me to carry her to the office so she wouldn't have to deal with the spiders.

I complied by rushing her through the basement to the "safety" of my grandfather's old office. Once we were there, Kate climbed off and thanked me for the ride. We had just gotten settled in the office when Kate realized that she was completely soaked with sweat she never did have a tolerance for heat. She needed a change of clothes, but they were in the laundry room There was no way Kate would go get those clothes herself. Some of my first foot tickling and foot fetish experiences had taken place here.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I suddenly ticklish myself thinking about how fun it would be to tickle Kate again, but I wasn't sure how to orchestrate it. I arrived in the laundry room, found a clean laundry basket, and scooped Kate's clothes out of the dryer. I also grabbed a clean towel for Kate to dry off with.

There were some spiders and spider webs in the room, but nothing that troubled me. After I collected my thoughts, I walked back to the office with Kate's clothes. She immediately thanked me and began to story through the basket looking for a new outfit. Kate chose a pair of cute tennis shorts and a white t-shirt. There was an old office divider in the corner, and Kate decided to go behind that to change her clothes.

That's when the moment of opportunity presented itself. Before stepping behind the office divider, Kate removed her shoes and socks. I snatched them up as quickly and quietly as possible. Then, I found an old box of large, zip-lock freezer bags, and used one to seal up Kate's shoes and socks to make sure that a dreaded spider wouldn't get into them.

I hid the bag above one of the ceiling tiles I was the only person who knew the tile could be removed -- I had knocked it out feet ago while tossing a basketball in the office. Eventually, Kate came out from behind the screen. She was a bit puzzled by the fact that she couldn't find her shoes and socks. By this time, I was sitting very innocently on the couch. Kate came over, sat next to me, and kept looking around trying to figure out where her shoes and socks could be.

I think Kate was starting to catch on, because she stared at me story this very inquisitive look on her face. I tried to sound as innocent as possible, but Kate wasn't buying it. I didn't say a word, but I suspect I must have had a guilty look on my face because Kate was looking at me very intently with a growing smile on her face.

My heart was beating a little faster and I was feeling somewhat embarrassed. It was almost like a real medical appointment. We must have done that dozens of times. As Kate continued to recount our childhood games, I started to blush. I could feel my face getting ticklish. I would stand barefoot on your sketchpad as you tickled and traced my feet over and over again with every crayon in the box. At this point, Kate leaned in and placed her chin on my shoulder so she could foot in my ear. My face was probably a nice deep purple at this moment, and I couldn't have stopped blushing if my life depended on it.

Kate was enjoying the opportunity to make me squirm. Kate seemed to be looking right through me as she watched my reactions to her commentary. I still had no idea what I was going to say, so I sat there in silence. I don't suppose there's anything you'd like to share with me. When I devised this whole plan, I never dreamed that Kate would figure things out so quickly. It had only taken her two minutes to discover her shoes and socks missing, realize that I was responsible, and confront me. Now, I was sitting there quietly blushing like an idiot, and I had no idea how to respond.

While awaiting my answer to her question, Kate moved in a little closer, made direct eye contact, and continued smiling at me.

The process of interrogating me about all of this was proving to be great fun for her. Unfortunately, it had started to make me feel very uncomfortable. Even though it was my idea to initiate this encounter, my feelings of guilt suddenly began to surface again quite strongly. Kate was my cousin, and it was troubling me that I was so attracted to her feet. Just a few days earlier, I watched a talk show segment about incest, and I was beginning to wonder if I was really any better than those creepy guys who spoke about their desire to have sex with their relatives.

Kate picked up on the fact that I was upset, and her tone immediately changed. She was very kind and reassuring, and insisted that I tell her what was wrong. After several minutes of trying to find the courage to speak, I told Kate the truth about the motivation behind taking her shoes and socks, and I opened up about the horrible feelings of guilt that were haunting me.

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I was certain that Kate would be appalled, and I feared that our lifelong relationship would be irreparably damaged. As it turned out, I was wrong. Kate threw her arms around me and hugged me so hard that I thought she would break my ribs. Then, she responded in a very reassuring tone of voice. If anything, she was hurt by the fact that I had been walking around feeling guilty and conflicted for so long. Kate then tried to lighten the mood in the room by telling a few of her off color jokes laced with sexual innuendo.

We both laughed, and I felt a tremendous sense of relief come over me as Kate decided to our conversation. We both just laughed for a few minutes.

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He had decided to start with her hips, a particular favorite place of his, and was currently digging his thumbs into a ticklish weak spot right above her hip bones.