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The art of cinema has always been the most controversial of expressions.


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Some torture scenes are enough to make you queasy, and imaging yourself in place of the person being tortured can make you sick if you dwell on it long enough. After the jump, take a look at 10 of the most memorable torture scenes from movies. This scene is real tough to watch. There are few things worse than having your teeth ripped out of your mouth.

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Easily the most memorable scene in the movie. We get to see how sadistic Mr. This entire movie — as well as its sequel — are about torture.

I figured this clip was about as nasty as any. I would have squealed the second the bottom part of the chair was cut away.

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This is just disgusting. Nicky was undoubtedly a real gangster, and his methods of torture prove that.

Karma is a bitch, though, as he and his brother found out at the end of this movie. Poor Wesley.

Lord Farquaad goes to town on the Gingerbread Man. And Dustin Hoffman gets some torture. The look on his face when he sees Dr. Let me know your favorites in the comments section!

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He enjoys science fiction movies, books, and television, and is a huge fan of South Florida sports teams. He currently has a career as a medical malpractice defense attorney, but he pops in from time to time to leave a comment or write a guest post.

No Passion of the Christ? Payback has a pretty wicked torture scene that always comes to my mind when I think of that movie. The first Lethal Weapon has a good one, too. I actualyl meant to include the Payback scene where Mel gets his toes smashed. I saw a test screening and it has by far one of the best torture scenes ever, or at least the most satisfying.


Maybe the torture scene is not that effective, but the meaning of the movie makes me to think that list should be revised. There are others just some examples I could think of off the top of my head that I thought were worth mentioning. The Saw movies are all pretty good examples of torture.

So is hostel. Not the most graphic, but man that scene stayed with me! Each death seems Top than thebut the most twisted had to be when they found a drug addict in a room with his body parts preserved in jars. What about Law abiding citizen, in one scene the man whos wife and daughter was killed then raped by robbers, he dresses up as a government agent then he lures one of the men into trying to scene him with his pistol but its rigged with needles when the trigger is pulled, he releases paralyzing neuro toxins into the mans hand, the man is now paralyzed but can still feel pain, after that he takes this man to a torture then he straps him to a table and injects him with adrenaline so that he will not pass out during the procedure and to feel more pain, then he adjusts a mirror so that the man has to watch himself being tortured in the mirror, anyway he procedes to show the man the implements he will be using then he cuts away the sking under his arm, after this he pours boiling water onto the area, then he chops off the mans legs and arms with a circular saw, then he chops off the mans head.

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Korinthian September 9, Madison September 9, Guy Stuff September 14, MacGyver September 16, Madison September 16, MacGyver I actualyl meant to include the Payback scene where Mel gets his toes smashed. Madison September 24, Was the movie itself any good?

It looked alright…. Andrea November 27, Crystal February 6, Jonatien February 25, Only male torture? JoeEbola May 20, Thesselonious June 18, Nuff said….

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BOLT October 27, Steve February 12, No stadium from Dirty Harry? For shame! Check out Frontier s. Aero July 6, Rufus November 30, Anyone seen snowtown?

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Everyone seems to have their own opinion of what is scary, and while this can create challenges for the filmmaker, it can also lead to some variety in the genre.


Bandit Queen is an Indian movie in which Phoolan Devi is exposed to some sexual and dishonourable abuses, including the caste system.


Ya I know I know I know I know… torture is bad.


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