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IGN's Undertale cheats and secrets guide gives you the inside scoop into every cheat, hidden code, helpful glitch, exploit, and secret in Undertale. Once you've lit up all the mushrooms in the dark section in Waterfallhead on the southern path to find Temmie Village. This is home to the temmies and also the best shop in the game as it's the only one where you can sell anything. You can purchase items from the Turtle shop in Waterfall and walk them here for a profit, or you can sell Dog residue infinitely to the Temmie.


Undertale is a fascinating indie hit of an RPG. Taking the notion of a roleplaying game and spinning it on its head, this pixelized world is full of good music, cheesy humor, and many wacky, beloved characters. Among these many fan-beloved characters are the Temmies, a tiny, semi-canid monster race, featuring such beloved characters as Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Bob, and Temmie. They all reside in the aptly-named Temmie Village, but this humble little town is surprisingly easy for players to miss if they don't know where to look.

So, here is a brief guide on how to find Temmie Village.

Spoilers or notbut part of Undertale's gimmick is that actions have consequences. This mainly manifests in the fact that gamers can navigate the entire game without killing any monsters during a typical RPG fightshould they so wish. This, alongside general acts of kindness, is the Pacifist Route, whereas an absence of those acts — or killing any arbitrary amount of monsters — is Neutral Route. Systemically killing all monsters, however, le to the Genocide Route, which creates its own, extremely unique interactions with the world and its characters.

Temmie Village is no exception, though how it changes is best left experienced first hand Moving on, though, Temmie Village is not located in the Underground's first region, the Ruins. Likewise, none of its inhabitants will offer any information on the village or its quirky residents, let alone where they're located.

A genocidal forewarning

So, unless players are already amid a game that's progressed enough to access the Temmies' region, they'll have to play through the game, and the Ruins, as the plot usually flows. Again, whether the route is Pacifist, Neutral, or Genocide, is completely up to the player.

Though, it's to be noted that a Pacifist or Neutral playthrough will get the same village interactions, no matter how many monsters are or aren't spared. Genocide is the only major deviation.

Temmie village

Still, once players clear the last of the region — be it through sparing or killing Toriel — they'll be one step closer to the Temmies. Alas, Temmie Village is not located within Snowdin, either! But still, players are drawing ever closer!

Navigating the region is easy enough, if not slightly more complex than the Ruins. The major contenders of this wintry wonderland are the brothers, Sans and Papyrus.

It is around this route that the effects of players' choices will start to manifest themselves, especially for those on the Genocide Route. But whatever the path taken — filled with dust or new friends — they'll move past the cold, and into the wet.

The Temmies are near. Huzzah and hooray, for finally, players will be in the region that holds Temmie Village: Waterfall. But this is where things get somewhat tricky, because even though the tiny settlement resides here, the path to it isn't so obvious. While characters and places in the region mention the village, they don't directly state where it is.

The region's resident shopkeep, Gerson, will point it out as a place to sell items, but does not remember its location. A in the Quiet Area of Waterfall will also encourage players to visit, though it, too, conveniently foregoes giving directions.

Players will have to find it through sheer luck, or through two different and somewhat tedious methods. The first of these routes can be done before the fight with Waterfall's big boss monster, Undyne. It's somewhat tedious, as it involves players making use of the game's ferry system.

The let's play archive

Starting with Snowdin, players will come across an empty river slightly north of the town. Once they get to Waterfall and find the river there south of Gerson's shopthis time, there will be a cloaked monster simply known as the River Person, with their small ferry. They act as a fast travel system between Waterfall and Snowdin and Hotland, later on. Normally, they'll provide some brief text of dialogue during the travel cutscene. Some of their conversations have absolutely no meaning to them, whereas others provide numerous hints to important happenings in-game. One such hint is the location of Temmie Village.

Temmie village

The only problem is, which dialogue they say is completely random. So players will have to make use of the ferry multiple times, or constantly respawn the room, to try and unlock it.

Despair not, though, for there's a surefire way to know if the dialogue will be related to the Village! For, on occasion, the boat's head will take on the shape of a dog. The first time this happens will be the first time they drop the hint.

So, just look for the dog boat, and Temmie Village is one step closer. For players who don't want the hassle of dealing with boats, the next route requires them to complete Undyne's boss fight. However, she'll have to be spared for things to work, as players will also have to complete her friendship sub-quest, upon which they'll receive her phone. Calling her or other available characters, like Papyrus or Alphys from various locations around the map le to brief snippets of conversations. The important conversation here, though, is the one about Temmie Village, and this conversation is only triggered within one specific place in Waterfall.

She'll be even more direct in her directions to the Village than even the River Person. But where, specifically, is Temmie Village? In the glowing mushroom room — between the Quiet Area and Dark Room — there's an unlit path to the bottom-right corner of the map. Players will usually have to light most other mushrooms on the way to said path, but once they find it, it's only a matter of continuing south until they enter Temmie Village!

Play through the ruins

Home of the Temmies and a singular talking mushroom, there's not much to this tiny town. A statue, a painting of their history, and, of course This is the only place players can sell items as well as buy them.

It's also home to the elusive Tem armor, which is only available in the Pacifist and Neutral routes. Stay for the armor, stay for the company, stay for the Either way, welcome to Tem Village. Avid reader and passionate writer, with a bit of casual gaming thrown into the mix.

Entering the first stepping stones of a professional writing career, and excited to do so. Toriel's Home in the Ruins. Entrance to Snowdin. Frisk and River Person travelling. Papyrus and Undyne in Snowdin.

Center of Temmie Village. Share Share Tweet. Related Topics Guides Undertale. Olivia Titus 63 Articles Published.

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Temmie Village is a small, elusive region within Waterfall that is comprised of two rooms.


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