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Yeah, that stretch of Michigan Ave used to be a real shit hole. Quasi strip clubs and adult bookstores galore, of course I wasn't close to being old enough to go to any of them but I do remember my dad always driving the car a bit faster through those few blocks than he does now. My friends and I stopped at the one on the Mt. Morris exit North of Flint one time. We were looking around the store and one of the "dancers" was bitching to the manager about how one of the other girls only made more money than her because the other girl fucked all of her customers. I heard the place got raided a few months later and some of the girls got busted for prostitution.


I was up towards Flint for a meeting and was feeling the urge.

I debated spending some time at the local Vu but was running tight on time and didn't want to go through the usual club routine of conversation first. The building is directly off the I75 exit for Mt Morris road. It looks pretty beat up from the outside and not much better on the inside.

Velvet touch bookstore

Parking is readily available in the front. As you walk inside you greeted by a younger guy behind the cash register and counter. Behind him were 2 girls in lingerie. To your right is a selection of movies, toys, oils, etc. Typical porn shop selection.

Further to your right on the east side of the building there is a hall way with about 10 jack booths with a wide selection of booths. Also back there is a room with a window and telephone connection to the other side of the window. You can self serve in there while talking to the girl on the other side of the glass.

So I head back to the counter after checking this all out. The guy let's me choose the girl. Both were white, mid twenties and slightly weathered. The brunette had a decent D cup but looked either shy or really unhappy to be there.

The blond smiled and tried to make an effort to get chose. I went with the blond. We head back towards the video booth area and take a right down a hall way and into a room. I stopped here on the promised of a private show in a booth - which I miss quite a bit from the old days at the Lusty Lady in San Francisco.

There is a fancier looking DeJa Vu next door, but I'm really more of a peepshow guy.

So I thought about it for a few minutes and decided since I was already there, I'd give it a shot. Unfortunately the girl working had no idea what to do. Do you want me to bend over and shake my ass?

No, I said, I want you to take off your clothes and play with your ass. How much would it be for you to show me your asshole and finger it?

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Unfortunately between the lighting in the back and her lack of ability to get her ass up, I could barely see anything down below while she tried in a not very sexy way to jam a finger up her butt. I told her to just go ahead and show me her pussy, but she didn't want to at first because she was on her period.

I told her I didn't care, she could open her legs, ioeb her mouth and put out her t Was heading north on 75 and decided to stop by again. Girl in street clothes was about 40 and white, smaller chest but slim. Other girl was about 30 and Latino but had on stripper type cloths.

Velvet touch

I chose the Latino and headed back to the private dance Area. It is a closed room with a window in between you and the dancer. You can get as comfortable as you want and she gets nude.

All self Serice while she watches and dances. Dirty place but when you are in the right mood it works.

Book dealers - retail

The guy at the counter only asked if I wanted a massage. The cool thing was he said he wouldn't take payment until I saw the girl and there was no obligation to do it. She wasn't what I was looking for so I left, but I would try again. The video selection and novelty selection looked decent.

I would be curious to try the video arcade or whatever it is, but as one review said, many truckers tugging one and I am not looking for that. Toggle lustnames. now.

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Adult bookstore with arcade with several booths, some playing gay.