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Ladies of the Wood is a main quest in Velen. Or you can just follow the trail to the heart of Crookback Bog, where you will find some kids playing. An elderly woman the kids call Gran strolls up on you chatting with her grandchildren.


I'm completely stuck on this part. Even when I dodge and hit perfectly I can barely even scratch this thing, particularily because of keeps fucking running away at random intervals. I'm using the cursed oil, but it definitely isn't hindering the healing like some people have mentioned, and ignis is only helpful in the rare cases it puts the wolf on fire, and even then that just stuns it enough for 3 quick attacks or so.


I'm level 8 and using that silver sword I started out with. I can probably beat it if I buy a shit ton of healing items and fight it for like half and hour or some shit like that but this hit-and-run motherfucker is so incredibly fucking annoying I don't think I can keep my sanity fighting it for even 5 minutes.

Any help? EDIT: Tried by myself to craft and use the moondust bomb thing - duration isn't nearly long enough. I also found out that no, I absolutely can't beat this thing in half an hour, it's outright not even killable.

It simply heals way too much from running away, and I can't hope to kill it before it has time to run away because the healing makes it so incredibly tanky. I'd really like to know if there's some way to sprint in combat so I could at least catch it more easily.

Werewolfs can be tough in the early game due to that regen. I would suggest just leveling up more or you could try just sprinting right past it.

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Thanks, at least that worked. You can also roll in combat use that to close the distance when he runs. All of this wil use up a lot of stamina, so potions that increase stamina regen will help so much.

Use whatever suits you whether it be fast or strong attacks. You can actually totally juke it and avoid a fight, but just roll and cast quen if you want to kill it.

How to beat werewolves in witcher 3

Found the internet! How to kill the werewolf in "The ladies in the woods" quest.

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Use whatever suits you whether it be fast or strong attacks Hope this helps. Continue this thread.

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Werewolves are one of the most dangerous enemies you'll come across in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.