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The mere thought of a sharp object down there probably makes you cringe. Which is why it may surprise you to learn that there are plenty of guys who get not just one piercing in their penis, but multiple. There are a variety of penis piercings, with one of the most popular being the Prince Albert a piercing toward the head of the penis. Another popular request is a frenulum piercingor a piercing of the little strand of tissue between the head and the shaft.


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What Is a Jacob's Ladder Piercing? But some guys swear they can improve sex for them and their partners.

Girl Smarts What is a Jacob's ladder piercing? Jacob's Ladder piercings are fairly extreme, even among body modification enthusiasts.

Though the Jacobs Ladder burns calories more easily than the treadmill, it doesn't do so by sacrificing Due to the relatively easy healing of these piercings it is not Sexual Benefits of a Jacob's Ladder Piercing? It only has the benefit ….

The urologist's guide to genital piercing - Anderson Although you could wear a straight barbell in a lorum piercing, most men opt for circular barbells or captive rings. Benefits of Frenum Piercings: Frenum piercings can be very sexually stimulating for partners of either sex during intercourse. For your benefit.

Piercings in the glans or shaft are stimulated by movement during masturbation and …. Have you found Jacobs Ladder Piercing Benefits information?

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The thought of having a needle piercing through your penis sounds weird and frightening.