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I do have a lump and thickening of breast tissue, but this cold tingling feeling is really awful! I am so sorry to her about your fears. I have had 2 bouts of breast cancer in the past 9 years and have never felt a cold sensation. In fact, quite the opposite was the case. My breasts were warmer than usual.

Try to stay as positive as you can. Most of us fear the worst at this stage. Fortunately this seldom comes to pass. You will find the staff at the breast clinic are very helpful and caring.

Of all the people referred to the breast clinic, only 1 person in 10 is diagnosed with cancer, so the odds are in your favour. Don't expect an immediate diagnosis at your first appointment. They will usually take tests and call you back weeks later for your .

The weird reason your nipples go hard – even when you're not cold or excited

Do please let us know when you get your appointment through and remember that we are always here for you. I'm so sorry to hear about your 2 bouts of breast cancer, what a strong lady you are! Hope you are keeping as well as can be xx. It's the strangest sensation, i think it's the tingling that makes inside my breast feel cold Very worried about the appointment, it's the waiting, i waited months before going to the gp stupid I know so I'm not sure why waiting another 2 weeks has got me so wound up!

I am glad your going to the clinic, it's a very slick operation We all feel wound up at this stage. Most of us would agree that this is one of the most stressful parts of our cancer journeys. Our emotions are all over the place and we tend to snnap at hubbies and children as well as crying copiously. All of this is perfectly normal, but things do improve after we get our diagoses and move on to treatment.

Trying so hard to stay strong but failing today!

I just want to know, my gut is telling me to prepare as what else could it be? The lump feels like a stone Sorry for moaning, i completely understand you have it much tougher than me and I really appreciate your replies ladies xx.

Understanding nipple pain: causes, treatment, and more

You are bound to be worried about your. What ages are they and how many do you have? Weekends are usually the worst time when you're waiting, as you are out of your normal routine, which keeps you busy and helps to distract you from the wait. Let's look at this sensibly for a moment. Even if you do have cancer, there ae many different types of breast cancers and some are more aggressive than others.

Re: when i sneeze, my nipples get hard.

Only tests can give us this information. The grades go fromwith 4 being the most widespread. The HER2 thing is to do with whether or noy the cancer is responsive to Oestrogen.

My mum died of secondary breast cancer 21 years ago. So many strides have been made in cancer treatment since then, that the treatments which we have both received bear very little resemblance to one another.

Fortunately, breast cancer is one of the more successful cancers to treat and, people are now living with it rather than dying from it. I have 2 little girl, age 8 and 4, my 8 year old has additional needs so even the worry of leaving her for a day to go to the breast clinic is worrying me!

Cold tingling feeling in nipple and breast

I feel okay about it through the day but when night time comes and im alone its when all the thiughts are flashing through my mind! The icy cold, almost burning feeling, is getting quite unbearable at times, not painful but a horrible sensation! Don't worry about your feelings for the time being. They are always worse at night than throughout the day. If it's of any consolation, they will improve once you have a diagnosis either way. Do you have any family or friends who you can leave your daughters with whilst you visit the hospital? I can fully appreciate how difficult it must be to be parted from them ,even for a day, when your 8 year old has additional needs.

When i sneeze, my nipples get hard.

I stumbled across your post when I googled icy cold feeling in breast I have had this feeling since April I went to my gp who check my boobs and said everything felt fine and to buy a better bra. I thought this was a bit ridiculous but brought a new bra anyway.

Did it solve the problem I hear you ask!!!!! Well of cause it didn't. It's a horrible feeling and sometimes my body shakes uncontrollably with it. It now has become quite painful and lasts for hours now. A wheat bag helps but would love to know what is causing it. So if you find out can you let me know. Welcome to the forum.

I am so sorry to hear that you are having further problems with your breast following surgery. It sounds as if you need to see your care team again. Phone your cancer nurse and discuss your symptoms with her.

She will make an appointment for you if she feels that there is a need. I get the next Friday 25th Oct. I am sorry to hear about your symptoms.

If your new bra hasn't solved your problem, can I suggest that you return to see your GP again? Sometimes we've got to insist on being taken seriously and being properly tested before something is done for you.

Why is my newborn sneezing so much?

Post to forum. Search Search forum. Do you have a cancer chat password? Yes, I have a password. Remember me.

Why do my nipples get hard when i sneeze?

in. I would be happy to receive news and updates from Cancer Chat. Create new. Leave this field blank. Already a member? in now. Not a member yet? Register now. Search for discussions or people. Trying to keep my head positive but I have a terrible gut feeling Xx.

Kind regards, Jolamine xx. Hope you are keeping as well as can be xx It's the strangest sensation, i think it's the tingling that makes inside my breast feel cold Thinking of you.

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