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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Based on our expert review. Based on 18 reviews.


The most comprehensive and complete guide to successfully modding The Witcher 2 into Excellent for both newcomers and veterans alike. Luxury Boards and Dices - Nude. A simple mod that changes the Passive Abilities system so you can acquire all of these abilities in a single play-through, including buggy abilities.

Better Gamepad Controls. Simple re-mapped control scheme for the Witcher 2, providing controls more similar to the Witcher 3.

The Witcher 2 Insane Mod Save. Imported from the Witcher 1 save, chosen Roche's path, but you can make your last choices if you have the game installed. You have to install patch 3. New nude Triss and Cia. All Movies Uspcale p.

Enhanced Mod Compilation Upgraded. Replaces the plain brown eyes used by elves with new vibrant HD eye textures, in keeping with Witcher lore. Thumbria Valley Alpha Demo. Thumbria Valley is a mod for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in which you get to explore a unique realm filled with mystery, interesting characters, and quests.

Dandelion will now have his lore cornflower blue eyes, instead of the default green. Also an optional version that will additionally give him blond hair. Yet Another Mod Compilation. Farewell of the White Wolf.

Made with the engine of its second second part, it tells about a wedding of Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg, two people destined to each other, who finally found a little peace. Respec and Demutation Potions.

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Provides two potions--a respec, and demutation potion--to the innkeep storage. Toggleable Cat Effect with a Hotkey. This mod has 3 separate functions. You will never loose, you will never lose your dice if thrown off the board, and your max bet is increased to Orens. Sodden Scars for Triss. The Scent of Incense Fix. Fix the "The Scent of Incense" side quest in Act 1 so the journal correctly show that Geralt killed the fisstech dealers.

Faster Exploration Run Speed. Geralt's face from Witcher 3 and white hair. This mod is simply easy to install all-in-one compilation of fixes for Full Combat Rebalance 2 and some other great mods which try to make The Witcher 2 more enjoyable experience as for current year. Geralt Complete Beard Mod. Remove PermaDeath Insane Mode. Mutagen slots 5 variations. This mod changes the amount of mutagen slots.

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Here you can find 5 variations of mutagen slots placing, see screenshots. This mod is recommended for those who have no dedicated graphics card, thus making The Witcher 2 almost impossibly playable! This has been tweaked for Intel HD Graphicsso newer integrated gpus should play better than the Try lowering all settings first before resorting to this one. Lore-friendly Geralt with striga scar. A face texture that gives Geralt a neck scar and makes some other alterations to the original texture.

The Witcher 2 EE Iorveth path save game. Extreme Vegetation Rendering Distance.

Witcher 2 edits out sexual favors for australian release

Mod for increasing the rendering distance of vegetation grass, trees, bushes, etc. Wild Hunt journal entries fix and ability to discuss the Wild Hunt poem with Dandelion on Iorveth's path. A Witcher 3 inspired reskin of Geralt, adding more pallor to his skin, and changing the medallion.

Walls have ears and Suspect Thorak no longer fail after returning from the mist. This mod removes the bug that marks the quests "The Walls have ears" and "Suspect: Thorak" as failed, even though they had been successfully completed, on Iorveth's path right after completing "The Eternal battle" quest.

It is a file ready for import for Nvidia Profile Inspector - Version 2. Draugirs now correctly drop trophies fix. Witcher 2 - Quickstart. Start the Witcher 2 just after the prologue, at the start of act 1 on the boat outside of Flotsam. Intended to allow players to start new characters without having to replay the prologue.

A mod that makes it so all of the usable items in the game except mutagens, adding them crashes the game for some reason can be bought at the Mysterious Merchant. This includes boss weapons, ally weapons, and opponent weapons. This mod gives you back the original Geralt of Rivia. Mainly for the oldest fans, who started with TW1.

This is a compilation of 2 mods - "3 talent points per level" and "no effects for Dark difficulty items". Improved controls for gamepad - AntiMicro profile. Intensity Tweaks.

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Geralt of Rivia Face Retexture Witcher 2. A lore-friendly retexture of Geralt that aims to fix inconsistencies from the books and the game that bugged me and to help make Geralt look relatively the same in all three games. This is how I like to think Geralt would look after all he has been through. Scars that reflect the many battles he has faced, Dark circles under his eyes due to his many sleepless nights and pale skin, glowing eyes and white hair because he is the white wolf. Geralt's Improved Quality of Life. This is combination of the highest quality mods that improve quality of life and balance to make TW2EE more enjoyable experience.

Story Ability Bug Fixes. Fixes certain story abilities failing to be given, also fixes one of them so it works. Also fixes Dark Weapon damage stats.

Also fixes Meteorite Ore not showing up o shops. Large armor models pack. Models pack for 15 popular types of armor and secondary items. The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt Imports. Extra talent and mutagen slots. Better Shop Sale Prices. Increases the ratio of Orens received for selling items to shops. The ratio change is from the vanilla to about Meant to be used when playing difficulty Dark or above, but the mod will work on any difficulty. Enhanced Mod Compilation by QuietusPlus, but with 2 talent points per level and higher price at vendor ratio instead of Geralt's good old armor.

Conversation Skills Always Succeed. This mod makes it so that all of Geralt's conversation skills Persuasion, Intimidation, and the Axii will always succeed when possible. Prologue Archpriest Axii Fix. Intuitive Controls Mod. Geralt now turns, moves and attacks consistently, making gameplay skill-based instead of luck-based.

It also fixes some bugs and includes convenience looting features. - xnxx xvideos

Camera works as in Dark Souls games. Blue eyes for Triss Lore-Friendly. Alternative Outfit for Triss. A Welcoming Host is a story mod addition to The Witcher 2 adding over three hours of extra play time. My Alternative Imports Mod. Changes the values on weapons and armor imported from The Witcher to The Witcher 2 in a manner that attempts to reflect their "Witcher 1" incarnation. Optional file for Blue Stripe Combat Jacket change and tool-tip issue included.

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My only issue with the sex and nudity is that Geralt didn't get the same treatment as Triss.


The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings has several scenes where Geralt of Rivia will attempt to sheathe his sword into the scabbard of anyone who passes for a female organic humanoid.