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  • Age:
  • 18
  • Tone of my eyes:
  • Clear dark eyes
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Champagne
  • Hobbies:
  • Hunting
  • My piercing:
  • Eyebrow piercing


Millie Mclay is unable to shave her left leg due to a metal frame fixed to her limb after she broke her bone during a riding accident in Richmond Park, London, in December, when her horse galloped out of control.


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5 hairy legs female stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Unshaved legs are a natural state, but for some they're also a statement. Racked is no longer publishing.

Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to Vox. Nicki Meier, 29, felt pressure to shave their legs from a young age. My mom sat my twin sister and I down and taught us how to shave.

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I thought it was unfair that women, girls, and femmes that don't shave are seen as dirty and disgusting, yet boys and more masculine folks are allowed to stay hairy. I stopped keeping up with shaving. When I injured two fingers on my dominate hand when I was a junior in college, I decided to quit shaving all together.

My kind of grounding sky legs leghairdontcare hairy freedom bopo bodypositivity edrecovery dreamy vegan nature peace love edrecovery. The precedence for leg-shaving in the United States only goes back about a hundred years, but the idea is so entrenched in our culture that until recently 92 percent of women shaved.

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Today people are redefining what it means to be female and have leg hair. Though women and femme-identifying people who have hairy legs are still a minority in the United States, the statistics are shifting. A Mintel study reported that between andthe percentage of women who shaved their legs fell from 92 to 85 percent. Mintel cited several possible reasons for the change, including the popularity of the wellness and natural-beauty movement and a desire to buck societal expectations.

Sarah Allbritten, a year-old caregiver, was influenced by an article a friend suggested to her. I first started with six months. October will be two years since I shaved.

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Needless to say, I really like being hairy. I like the way it looks and feels. I find it pretty, it's soft, and I enjoy being different and kind of standing out in this way. Hairless trends for both men and women have ebbed and flowed throughout history for a variety of cultural and socioeconomic reasons. Mainly, hairlessness has been about control — control of nature, our bodies, class structures, race, women, the status quo.

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The alternative — hairiness — began picking up negative stereotypes in the United States sometime around the s. Prior to that, early Europeans living in America traditionally saw hair as an asset, and beards in particular as an indication of wisdom. The modern razor industry was born inwith Gillette coming out with an inexpensive disposable razor for men. InGillette decided women deserved their own razor, informing them that they needed to shave their armpits. The woman of fashion says the underarms must be as smooth as the face.

As fashion trends revealed more skin, they also revealed more hair. If you chose to defy the social norm and not shave in the s, you were labeled a hippie. Now hairy armpits and legs on women are associated with feminism and the political left.

The slow shift away from hairlessness, however, suggests more people are willing to defy the stereotypes and deal with the potential negative consequences of not shaving. She thinks clothing and accessories worn with hairy legs should match that lifestyle. Bella Maxwell, a language teacher, wears short shorts, leather sandals for the cool factor and sundresses for the femininity with her hairy legs. Freelance writer and organic farmer Adrian White also thinks leather sandals go perfectly with hairy legs.

Work or combat boots with hairy legs look great on just about anyone. Artist Pounamu Wharekawa likes wearing a mesh skirt with some booty shorts underneath. I feel more and more like me.

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That's a great way to feel when I get dressed in the morning. Most women and femme-identifying people with hairy legs, however, have felt pressured to remove their leg hair. Family, friends, or ificant others may have made comments. It was just absolutely alien to them that a woman could display her legs without shaving them. One family member asked me repeatedly how my other half felt about it.

Ruby Reihana-Wilson, a year-old film and TV producer who is of Maori descent, struggles with her leg hair. I think I will find my hairy legs attractive eventually, though. It's too hot to wear pants, even when you work indoors. Almah Rice-Yorkman is 41, a grant writer and bookkeeper, and has never! The more we talk about and see leg hair on everyone, the more normal it will become.

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When we challenge the status quo and set our own expectations, we can redefine the way we see beauty and body hair. Cookie banner This site uses cookies. Filed under: Features. Reddit Pocket Flipboard. Share this story Twitter Facebook.

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Several months later I knelt awkwardly on the cold floor of my shared uni shower and contemplated my options.