black teen Natalia
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  • Years:
  • I am 52
  • What is my nationaly:
  • Belgian
  • Sexual preference:
  • Gentleman
  • What is my hobbies:
  • Riding a bike


I posted a couple craigslist .


Many panty buyer and panty sellers are always looking for ways to get what they want out of the panty selling community whether that is to buy a pair of panties from a sexy lady or to sell used panties and make some extra money.

On avenue which the panty selling community uses is Craigslist. Although there are many dangers for both buyers and sellers if they use Craigslist for their panty fetish exploits. One issue for panty sellers who use Craigslist is that its a way to advertise your used panties to local folks only. Why would a panty seller want to limit her audience by only advertising her underwear for sale to one zip code when she could be marketing it to the entire world?

Using a panty selling website like FlirtBids allows girls to reach a broader audience which makes her more likely to sell her used under garments. Additionally, Craigslist can be dangerous for girls. Its pointless to fill your inbox with all of that junk when its easier to just be notified when someone has actually purchased your panties and paid for them. With using Craigslist to buy or sell panties, users have to watch out for scams. Girls could get scammed out of money if a user agrees to pay via PayPal or Western Union.

Snifffr versus craigslist

A panty buyer could easily cancel the payment after they are certain the package has been mailed. This leaves the panty seller out of money and out of a pair of used panties. If a buyer wants to pay in cash, then a panty selling girl runs the risk of meeting a stranger for money and getting possibly hurt. Yet, not only is it possible to be scammed as a panty seller, panty buyers can also run the risk of getting scammed and losing money.

For instance, a buyer might send money via Google Wallet or some other online money sending service thinking the seller is actually mailing panties but then after the money gets claimed, no package ever shows up. Both buyers and sellers are on their own in those situations. Make an today to begin buying and selling panties.

Selling used panties on craigslist

I want to sell my panties to guys with a major panty fetish! Will wear them as long as you like. Video included! I would like to buy your pantie.

But would like to see a pic you wearing the pantie, the face can be blurred but have you see the rest of the body. I want to sell my panties! New to the business.

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Hope you boys or girls can help me out! I was wondering if anyone was interested in socks? I had an auction on eBay and was going great but it got deleted! Anyone looking to buy some panties from a curvy redhead covered in freckles, tattoos, and piercings? I am a very attractive Woman willing to sell her panties worn all day, orgasm in them. Size medium, big curvy ass! I masturbated in my panties resulting in an orgasm and squirting.

Panties were worn for a day. Size medium. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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