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  • 29
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  • Black hair
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  • English
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  • Ale
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  • Electronic
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She tries literally burying her past but when a group of men walk past with women from a nearby village they kidnapped to sell into slavery, she intervenes. One of those women is the hetrong Gabrielle, who tries offering herself in exchange for the others. That moment starts Xena and Gabrielle on a journey that spans over 30 years technically around six because they were frozen for 25 years. Xena pretty much invents CPR while trying to get Gabrielle to come back and repeatedly tells her not to leave her.

Gabrielle is ready to fight everyone to make sure Xena gets home safely. Those episodes really tested their relationship, and they end up betraying each other multiple times.

The baby, Hope, is evil; but Gabrielle refuses to see it, even with evidence. Xena tells Gabrielle she needs to kill Hope and Gabrielle lies and tells Xena she threw her off a cliff. Gabrielle actually sends Hope down a river in a basket to save her life. Gabrielle then betrays Xena again when Xena leaves to go to Chin to kill someone and Gabrielle makes a deal with Ares to get there ahead of her and warn the man Xena was going to kill.

The timing is terrible because they just heard about the Persian army coming to attack. Xena takes them to a village to find something to slow the poison, but the only vial is broken.

Xena takes them to the armory and prepares to fight the advance guard. Before that, she had only killed one other person, and it was accidental.

Xena gabrielle kiss

There was an arc in season six where Xena loses her memories and Gabrielle is put under an enchantment where only her soulmate could cross the flames surrounding her and wake her up. Their connection is shown to span lifetimes in several episodes where reincarnations of Xena and Gabrielle meet and fall in love.

I like to ignore the last couple episodes of the series and believe that the story ended with Xena and Gabrielle flying off into the sunset. Xena truly teaches Gabrielle everything she knows. My love for the series started when the show first premiered inwhen I was about four years old.

The xena credits weren't allowed to make the show to look too gay

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What's in a kiss?


As those who know the show of old, a romantic relationship between the two has often been teased, but the times they kissed in the show were always qualified with a technicality.


At one point according to the LA Times , "Xena" and its sibling show "Hercules: the Legendary Journeys," were more popular than the perhaps better-remembered "Baywatch.


How come you get to kiss everybody except me?